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Monday, December 26, 2016

New Petition at WH.Gov: Hammonds & First 100 Days

Please share and sign - here: https://wh.gov/itntc

We have 25 days to get the Hammonds onto the Trump Team radar.  We've added other topics to this petition to appeal to even more Patriots.


  1. mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN14I1TY

    cav med

  2. Not that it matters, and is a pointless
    waste of time, even with those I have
    a level of agreement and could "work"
    Whatever happens, it will be immediately
    co-opted by the 15 informants who were
    one the hands responsible for the murder
    of LaVoy "who".
    While on the other side of the
    fence, the clique of shitbag posers
    who have appointed themselves
    as the (infallible) national leadership
    of the Patriot community will attack
    and demonize those who again assemble
    at Bunkerville worse than the treasonous
    shitbags of DC.

    A 43 minute video discussion
    of the issue.


    cav med


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