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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Looking back at 2016, we accomplished a considerable number of items on our 'to-do' list.  

From III Arms to III Gear and securing our local footprint, to publishing - a lot of work was accomplished, and much more to do.  We established a permanent Wi-Fi tower at the Citadel beachhead, and have several groundworks project to begin up there as soon as weather breaks.  Currently there is well over 30 inches of snow, our allies are using snow machines and tracked atv/utvs for access.  

We are also proud to have made life in the III so uncomfortable for a group of Welfare Sluts, Police State jackboots and sundry do-nothings who claimed the title of III Patriot - they left. You're welcome.  ;)

For 2017 we intend to expand all our III Projects.  Our goal is to add another 1,000 members to the III Society.  We have several more publishing projects in the queue.  The SHTF Camp is on-track for Spring unveiling.  We are hopeful our III Comms widgets will become available by Springtime for you radio guys.  We intend to keep woking the political angles - like helping get the Hammonds out of prison.  Here.  If 'Patriots' will not work the free and easy political remedies, trust not that they will ever do the dangerous and hard remedies.  Talk is cheap.

We are concerned with the broad and deep perception within the III and the larger Liberty Movement that having elected Donald Trump, the Marxists and Enemies of Liberty among us are in full retreat.  Our assessment is the opposite.  Marxists and Globalists have no intention of surrendering the power they have amassed.  Do not become complacent.  

You need more ammo.  You need more allies.  You need a lower profile.

We hope you are counting coup and sharpening your skills and capabilities.

Liberty will die in our lifetimes, unless the III confronts the Enemies of Liberty.

Thanks to each and every one of you who has been with us for the last several years, and who will move with us into 2017.

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  1. From LT:

    "Liberty will die in our lifetimes, unless the III confronts the Enemies of Liberty."

    No point arguing with the truth. And no cause to be complacent when they enemies of liberty have our ball so close to our goal-line, that one more term in the POTUS seat could take us well over the edge into WW-III and/or Economic Collapse, so as to secure their victory.

    There's one thing most "conservatives" and "patriots" have probably never
    considered: What if a tyrannical regime, rather than gassing it's "non re-educatable citizens", simply conscripted them, and sent them to fight a war that couldn't be won?

    Hitler and Stalin both used the Eastern Front of WW-II as a one-way ticket to death, for lots of citizens with whom they were displeased.

    There's far more reason to expect such a maneuver today than there was 75 years ago, because it's now so much easier for them to measure and categorize who they don't like, using the internet and their "Big Data"
    center in Nevada...

    Now, all they need is a war - Oh, wait, they're already working on that.

    2017 will not be a placid ride, folks.
    Stock up now, while the gettin's good.

    Happy New Year



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