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Monday, January 30, 2017

45: HuffPo cries 'It took only 8 days for a 'Constitutional crisis!'

When federal judges rule, government officials — up to and including the president — are supposed to obey or risk being held in contempt of court. A government that ignored the courts would be able to violate the law and the Constitution at will. So for more than two centuries, the nation’s courts have had the last word on what’s legal and constitutional — and what is not. 

This is EXACTLY the fight that must be waged and won if America is to ever get back to the premise laid out by the Framers - Separate but Equal.  That premise was destroyed, and a bloodless coup won by the Federalists before the ink was dry on the Constitution in the Marbury v. Madison case.

If President Trump is willing to lock horns on this battlefield and push back on judicial review - we've got a real shot at re-taking a fundamental piece of Liberty back into republican (small r) hands.

Here's the piece from HuffPo.

Trump voters dismiss the global uproar over immigration ban, here.

State Department needs to down-size too.  Start with these 'Diplomats'.

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