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Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Fellow Patriots...

A simple question: Are you ready to step off the porch and rock to push back the anti-Trump Marxism we see everywhere?  The Marxists are howling - is it time we make them scream?

A simple yes or no will do...


  1. Been ready for years.

    1. As have I - but is it time? Or wait for them to devolve into further Stupid?

  2. Is it time? I do not believe so.

    Is it close? I do believe so.

    Are the tactics used in Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, Etc... being deployed against the Trump Administration? I believe so.

  3. VIOLENT LEFTISTS Knock Trump Supporter UNCONSCIOUS at Portland Airport – THEN TAUNT HIM!

    Wow, there seems to be a coincidental
    lack of a police and security presence.
    How ironic, given that I am randomly selected
    for additional security screening, and damn near sodomized by the TSA, whenever I am
    stupid enough to fly commercially.
    Wow, it even happens regardless of wearing
    my uniform and presenting a valid military ID.
    And people have the fucking nerve to
    question my anger, pissing and shitting
    on the stupidty of no longer being respectable
    and polite in matters of freedom.

    cav med


  4. They get to start this fight,
    but we get to end it.

    I have stated many times that, "Once you leave the porch, there is no going back to it - we either win, or die fighting."

    I honestly believe that this is the exact reason why Patriots and Constitutionalists have not yet adopted a hot operational posture just yet...

    But I also believe that will change...



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