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Thursday, January 26, 2017

45: The Wall

If you claim to be an American Patriot and you are not diggin' what is happening right now in our nation from the Oval - time for you to go.  Leave now in peace - while we still permit you to leave with dignity.  


Yes, I said 'Nation'.  Here - just in case some of our slower-wits need to be helped along:

If you believe in Jeffersonian republicanism and Rightful Liberty, you are a part of the American Nation.  End of f'n discussion.  Your skin color is irrelevant.  Jeffersonian ideals are at the heart and core of the definition of what it means to be an 'American'.  If you doubt this - read the Declaration again...

If you DO NOT share those ideological beliefs, YOU ARE A FUCKING INVADER - whether by birth or by indoctrination or by immigration.

45 (PRESIDENT TRUMP) of the AMERICAN NATION promised to build a wall, and that our neighbor to the south would pay for it - because the Mexicans are helping non-Americans INVADE OUR NATION.

He's already signed Executive Orders to begin to fulfill his promise to us - his fellow AMERICANS.  

The Mexican President has balked.

Our American President told him to suck it and cancel his trip to Washington if they refused to pay for the wall.

The Mexican President canceled his visit.

The IMMEDIATE result of failing to comply with a REAL American President?  The Peso tumbles, here.

For those of you who simply don't get it - this is how an AMERICAN PRESIDENT (we haven't had one of those since Reagan - and before him it was more than 130 years) defends his fellow countrymen.  You can next expect he will begin applying real politick power to have the Mexicans - WHO ARE NOT AMERICANS - bend to our will.  This is not 'Imperialism' or 'Empire' - THIS IS SELF DEFENSE!!!

Does anyone reading this believe that Mexico won't pay for the wall?!

This is why we voted for President Trump - so he would use our overwhelming global influence and power to have the rest of the world stop stealing from us, taking advantage of us, raping us, invading us, and destroying us!

If you are not American - ie; any other nation in the world - we wish you no harm. However, we will tolerate NO ABUSE FROM YOU.

America is NOT two Nations.  Nor is it more than two Nations.  That is codswallop and deliberate opportunism by NON-AMERICANS to separate and divide us from our BIRTHRIGHT of Liberty.  Anarchists have NO INTEREST in Jeffersonian principles. Welfare Sluts have no interest in American values.  Jack-booted welfare slut thugs have no interest in anything beyond their own ability to collect a government paycheck while abusing decent Human Beings.  These people are NOT Patriots, or even Americans - they are INVADERS and TRAITORS to the fundamental ideology of LIBERTY.

We are ONE NATION that has been invaded and corrupted for GENERATIONS by NON-AMERICANS.  Some of those non-Americans have come from other Nations.  Some of those non-Americans were bred, raised and educated right here, corrupting us from the inside.  Some have sneaked-in illegally.

We elected PRESIDENT Trump to put an end to the invasion and corruption.

He's doing more for America - ALREADY, after a week in office - than has any president since - well, Thomas Jefferson.  I challenge any single living American to prove us wrong on that point.

The world, and indeed more than 50% of our fellow-born 'Countrymen', have been seeking our capitulation for generations before my own.

President Trump is working to end my suffering imposed by the rest of the planet and to the non-Americans who promote Globalism and un-American concepts.  Get over it.  He won.  

We've got his back.  You'd better believe that from this moment onward - we are DONE offering warnings to non-Americans.  President Trump was the last warning we will ever give to you.

If you accept that America is two - or more - 'Nations' sharing the same continent, I offer that you are a fool, at best.  More likely, you are a Provocateur with self-interest feeding the roots of your positions and proclamations.

America is, fundamentally, CONUS and Alaska, populated by Jeffersonian republicans who embrace the concept of Jeffersonian Rightful Liberty.

Everyone else is a fucking invader - and you will stand down, leave this place - or be repelled as Enemies of Liberty.

That is all.


  1. The swamp is draining itself.


  2. The ENTIRE State Department senior management team just resigned today! HOOAHH!
    IRS? :D

    1. That is OUTSTANDING!! Now he won't have to jump through any hoops to fire them all and replace them with real Americans.

      I am not going to agree with Donald Trump (or the results he gets) all the time. But right now, I am seriously having a good time.

    2. I have to wonder if this is a 'telegraphing' of sorts from some of the 'Deep State' folks that they are worried...

  3. Think about these essential words for a moment, and let them sink in deep. These are the ideals that men have laid down their lives to preserve, for their children, their communities, and our entire nation --

    One nation,
    under God,

    with liberty
    and justice
    for all.

    ...and I always make it a prayer by adding "amen" at the end.

    If these words don't stir you down in your very depths, then you'd probably be happier living somewhere else. We'd be happier if you lived somewhere else, too...


  4. He is running through DC like shit through a goose...no more Fed funding to any organization performing abortions!

    1. I don't know about you, but a year ago I would have never expected to see this in my lifetime.

  5. I planned for a national meltdown before the USURPER left office.
    So exciting to see an AMERICAN in office again.

    1. Keep buying ammo. I think Trump may trigger RevWarIII faster than even HRC - especially if he goes hard against the Deep State.


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