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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Wall: Meaning & Significance

Now, across Europe, center-left and center-right parties are facing massive defections because they are perceived as incapable of coping with the existential threat of the age — the overrunning of the continent from Africa and the Middle East.

President Trump’s wall is a statement to the world: This is our country. We decide who comes here. And we will defend our borders.

The crisis of our time is not that some Americans are saying this, but that so many are too paralyzed to say it, or do not care, or embrace what is happening to their country.

- PJB, here.

The invasion warfare being waged today against America and Western Europe is diabolically simple and effective.  

I truly hope my fellow Patriots understand who is behind it...

...there is no Muslim 'refugee crisis' flooding Russia, is there?  The Mexicans and Central Americans aren't heading to southern Socialist/Communist/Tyrannical destinations, are they?

Exactly what group(s) of Third-Worlders are banging on the borders of Xi's Maoistic Paradise, begging for entry?

Golitsyn.  He explained it all decades ago - generations ago, to be precise.

Here.  New lies for old.  The Perestroika Deception.

These three links will get you started.

If you can't - or won't - understand your true enemies and how they pull strings, you simply can never, ever, 'win'.  Our true 'enemies' are well out of range of your AR and even your big .50 BMG.

America has been corrupted.  Corrupted Americans have been permitting our invasion.

Invasion is the final step before decapitation and roadside ditches for the victims of the genocide to be unleashed on Western Man.

Yes, the Mayor of your Sanctuary City is an enemy of Liberty - but he is a Useful Idiot.

You do not have the luxury of time to study and educate and un-fcuk yourself - you must now do that on the run.  

Because the Enemies of Liberty are here, and with the measures being installed by President Trump - they may get froggy and jump...

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  1. The pendulum swing to the left has reached its apex and started its journey to the right at breakneck speed.


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