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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Feds giving Gary Hunt static over Informants


Gary's site, here.

The identities of the informants were redacted.

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  1. Their identities were redacted because they still walk among us. But we'll fix that soon enough.

    "Traitors First" as the saying goes.

    And yes, it has begun Scarlet.
    You bet your ass it has - they're lighting fires everywhere.. theyll have their firestorm sooner than they think, and hotter than they can handle.
    Let them enjoy their just reward... Death.

    ...On a stick.

    Now is the time to be moving equipment and supplies to your forward caching sites, bucking up your day-to-day operarions, and cutting ties with those of questionable character. Full compartmentalization should now be in effect, and remain so for the duration.

    Tonight, we party, darling. Were gonna have a grand ol' time.



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