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Monday, January 9, 2017

Snow and more snow...

We've added at least 8 inches of fresh snow to our little piece of the Redoubt since the weekend started.  We'd have more, but our little piece of heaven had an interlude of freezing rain and sleet during the middle of the night.  Weather reports (Weather.com is NOT as accurate as it could/should be for our little micro-climates) indicate we'll be in and out of light snow/snow showers through perhaps Wednesday.  

For Patriots considering our AO - make sure you can afford a SxS or at least an ATV with tracks and a plow if you are planning to move 'anywhere' outside of town.  Even if you live 'in-town' - plan on those as minimums.  ATV/SxS with tires is acceptable - just know you'll be limited from certain areas most of the winter.  4X4 vehicle is a no-brainer.  Even in town there are no-go zones with just a few inches of snow on the ground without 4X4.  Road crews never go to the pavement here - they allow the snow pack to remain, then add gravel. Only Main & the busiest side streets come even close to 'clear' during winter.  Schools actually closed today - the first weather-related closing of the season - and we've had a LOT of snow.

If you move here and you absolutely 'must' be able to get in and out of your place every day, buy a tractor when you get here.  You'll spend as many hours plowing your 1/4 mile driveway as you spend at work.  You've been warned.

If any of the above sounds like a complaint - not.  It is beautiful, it is safe, and the AO is filled with good people - everything the Patriot should be seeking for our coming troubles.


  1. We had 36" two weeks ago. Another 20+" since then.
    SxS is mandatory for plowed areas. 4x4 with mud and snow tires are essential.
    A good neighbor with a tractor and snow blower is an asset.
    Cords of seasoned wood will save your life in such brutal conditions.

  2. I'm plannin' on spring. Mebbe summer. :-)

  3. Cold weather and snow are good news. As my old friend and coworker Vic used to say, "I love the cold, it keeps the riff-raff away." DD - we ran the marathon, and won. Who woulda thunk it?
    Happy trails my friend, wherever they might lead you.



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