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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Grain of Salt time, kids...

Roger Stone poisoned in a very Russian manner...

...think very hard before you buy this one wholesale.

Just sayin'...

Here's the link.


  1. Well someone gave him the Arafat coctail, and Pollonium isn't easy to come by. Only a *state actor* could produce a sufficient dose of it to use for assassination and keep it a secret. The list of said state-actors is pretty small: Russia, Britain, France, China, India, perhaps Pakistan and/or Iran, and of course, Israel.

    But Ability is only one part of the puzzle. Next come motive and opportunity. Russia has absolutely no cause to fire such a blatant shot across Trump's bow, which is the only legitimate political interpretation of such an overt act - i.e. "what we can do to your inner circle, we can do to you" is the clear message in striking at one of Trumps key associates.

    No. Motive, means, and opportunity all go directly to the Corporation, and their tight association with the Clintons and Bushes. The American Deep State has tens of thousands of operatives, and can fabricate suitable cover stories and supporting documentation at will, whereas any other intel agency would have to spend a mole that they've had in place for years - a very valuable asset, and not one easily replaced in this era of cheap and ubiquitous access to birth, social security, criminal, and credit backgrounds.

    So, if I had to create my stack-ranked list of top 3 probable perpetrators, its US Deep State in first place because Trump is an unknown and uncontrollable player in their eyes; China gets second place because Trump has stated that he would label them a Currency Manipulator, which could cost them their MFN status for US import tarrifs, without which their economy will be in dire jeopordy; and in third place I'd put Israel, simply because they are inscrutable and have a penchant for forcing the hand of American leaders, where their national security is even slightly at risk.. which it always is . And, it has long been suspected, by those whose job it is to unravel such mysteries, that Israel was behind the lethal dose of Pollonium which killed Arafat, not Russia. I won't argue about Israel - I offer the USS Liberty as one block in the foundation of my position, do your own homework if you want more... its easy enough to find.

    You'll notice that Russia isn't even in 3rd place. If I offered 4th through 6th of my list, Russia still wouldn't be on it. Take that for what its worth, but for every assassin, there's a patsy in waiting - Ask Jack Ruby or Sirhan Sirhan - and that's where you'll find Russia on my list; a target that the US Deep State would love to make a patsy out of. These are my thoughts, YMMV.

    Things are about to get yet more interesting, if my read of the tea leaves is even in the correct universe, and I'm speaking directly of a false flag, a Gulf of Tonkin type affair, coupled with an event on home soil to force Trumps presidency immediately and totally into crisis-management mode...where they will hold it as the global and US economy proceeds down the drain at a quickening pace. Their goal now is to paralyse and discredit the Trump presidency, and guarantee that he is a single-term president, so that they can be confident of regaining control in 2020.

    These fukkers never admit that they're wrong, and they never give up. Ever.


    1. I'm still not convinced it was polonium - no one but Stone is on the record.

      But even if we accept it at face value, if it was indeed polonium, the amateur nature of trying to frame the Russians approaches the absurd. It is so absurd it raises serious concern for the quality of people we have in our Intel shops.

      I agree the elements of the Deep State affiliated directly to the Clintons would be the most likely culprits.

      ...dangerous times...

  2. I wonder if beef stew rhodes is the original
    source of this "information," being that he is
    a known as a fearful, craven, frenetic, chicken little statist and disinfo agent.

    Media warns of inauguration drone bombing, not 'safe'

    cav med


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