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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tolerating Neighbors and Wayward Family...

The existential question of the Trump era might be framed thus: How long will this divided democracy endure as one nation and one people?


How many of your neighbors - how many of your family - will end up in your sights if this country begins to unravel?


  1. "If" this country begins to unravel?

    cav med

  2. Perhaps a re-framing of the question would be helpful: When the big crunch reaches your community, how many of those in your neighborhood will either A) die of starvation, or B) die from the effects of a deep trauma (knife or gun shot wound) while trying to steal food, fuel, or supplies?
    Now replace the phrase "people in your neighborhood" with "family members" and consider how fcucked you are.

    Because in a world where "justice" is just 4lbs. of trigger draw away, and there is no court of appeals, many will be getting a death sentence for no greater reason than that they failed to adapt in a timely manner.

    And if you are considered responsible for a thief or other untrustable - by way of housing them under your roof - then how much trouble will that bring to your door?

    No one ever said that you'd *want* to kill your wayward nephew (or whoever in your family), or see them come to any harm at all - but when YOUR choices are to deal with such a wayward family member yourself and immediately, or wait for them to bring an angry mob to your door, what will your choice be, and why?

    Ricky Tick, time to dance...


  3. Every family has at least one undesirable - a druggie, a thief, a sleepabout, an unabashed rumor-monger, etc. Whatever flavor of trouble lurks in your house, or among your kin - who WILL be showing up on your doorstep when the rotary blade meets the highly stacked bull chips - how are you going to deal with that? Because as the old saying goes, "people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan".

    I'm not telling you to throw your cousin Joey under the bus, but if his need for a regular fix of heroin, and the petty thievery by which he supports said habit are going to put you and every member of your household at risk, then you'd better know how you intend to manage said risk, and you'd better make sure to communicate that to your family.

    Because Aunt Jane is going to pitch a fit, even if you have prepared her beforehand with firm rules such as "junkies and thieves aren't welcome in my house. Now, on holidays, or ever. For any reason. Period".

    It will make your life a bit easier when the time to deliver the ultimate "No" arrives. At least you'll know who among your kin agree and will support the necessary position, versus those who will side with Aunt Jane in the argument. It may not go any easier, but it will probably go faster if your rules and standards are already common knowledge.

    All I can say is "good luck with that", because such things are never neat or easy. Thats why the issues are avoided in most families... and to their grave detrtiment.

    Start by cleaning your own front porch. Only then are you in a justified possition to go cleaning in your community.

    Just get it done. Every day you don't, is a day wasted, and a day which you are exposing your family to unnecessary risk...



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