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Friday, February 17, 2017

If you don't understand that RevWarIII is on like Donkey Kong...

...I can't help you.

Read PJB's latest, here.

Unfcuk yourselves, Patriots. 

General Michael Flynn is a Patriot, and he took a bullet for Liberty - because he understands we are at war in America.

But the deep state is after larger game than General Flynn. It is out to bring down President Trump and abort any move to effect the sort of rapprochement with Russia that Ronald Reagan achieved.

For the deep state is deeply committed to Cold War II.

Patriots - the 'war' is upon us all.  It is not going to take place in the woods of Appalachia or the swamps of Florida or the deserts along the border.  It is being waged, hot, right now, in the diner where you eat breakfast and in the mall where you buy your kid school supplies, and in the schools where your children are 'educated'.

If you think President Trump can win this on his own, you are wrong.

Do not sit out RevWarIII.


  1. Respectfully, our side is sitting flat
    on their hands.
    Yes, some of us were feverishly
    pacing the porch the past few months.
    But even the pacers soon returned
    to sitting flat.
    There should have been a reckoning
    for Burlingame.
    There should have been a reckoning
    for Chicago.
    There should have been a reckoning
    for Ssn Jose.
    There most certainly should have been a
    reckoning for Berkeley.
    And there damn sure should have been
    a reckoning for the Twin Falls rape.
    For that, and for countless other attacks,
    crimes, and treasonous bullshit!

    cav med

  2. Cernovich is saying that leaked National Guard memo was to smoke out leaker. Crazy like a fox.


  3. Trump declares MSM 'enemy of the people'.

    Fuckin' brilliant!


    1. Agreed.
      After his comment, the American
      police state collapsed and surrendered,
      every illegal was deported and sovereignty
      was restored, and the wholly treasonous
      uniparty dictatorship of DC and their
      communist/SJW foot soldiers were
      apprehended, stood up against a vertical
      brick surface, and rightly punished for
      their crimes beginning with rodham.
      Life is certainly grand in our Republic.

      cav med

  4. The draining of the swamp.


  5. How about channelling our rage against "those who would be our masters" instead of the impotence in targeting our OWN TEAM.
    Thank God it's Trump in there verses the alternative.

  6. My words and opinion are not impotent.
    Our complete lack of offensive action
    is impotent.
    The rule of law is dead, as is equal justice under that deceased law.
    The election of Trump has changed
    none of that.
    It changes nothing about the reality
    of our situation.
    The relentless attacks and treasonous crimes
    that have destroyed our Republic are
    no different than the reality that would
    have existed with the "alternative."

    cav med


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