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Monday, February 20, 2017

Milo is done.

"In the homosexual world, particularly, some of those relationships between younger boys and older men — the sort of 'coming of age' relationship — those relationships in which those older men help those young boys discover who they are and give them security and safety and provide them with love and a reliable, sort of rock, where they can't speak to their parents," he said. - Milo

Milo is done.

He cannot be supported by values-motivated Right.

He will not be supported by the Left.

It may take a year or more to unwind, but it is done.

It's over, all except the screaming...


  1. How many times was Trumps campaign declared finished?
    I know different guy, different circumstances but same type of character assasination. Why was this tape released now? Because he was going to speak at CPAC. I wont declare him dead until the box goes in the ground. I dont know how many people have replied to his twitter explanation but there was not one negative one that I saw. Only encouragement.

    I do not condone his lifestyle. Period. But he pisses off all the right people. That is good enough for me.

    The ironic thing about being disinvited to CPAC because of his statements about 'young boys' is how many of the invited establishment RINOs are true pedophiles?

  2. I agree.

    Yet I will argue that his audience can see through these attacks that are leveled at those that pose a threat to their agendas. A well articulated, gay man that demolishes all of their favorite liberal topics makes him a danger to them.

  3. Actually I suspect that this is the begining of the Bannon political assasination.

    Bannon will be tied to this somehow and will be used to call into question his decision making competency.

    1. If Breitbart cuts Milo, it will be at Bannon's direction. This is why I say he is done - Bannon will distance himself in the interests of self-preservation, even if he doesn't get fired from Breitbart. The quote being played from Milo is simply not defensible, and even his biggest allies will duck and cover.

      I've been here.

  4. Yes, the quote is indefensible.

    But is it what he truly meant or is it what those that are putting this out want you to believe what he meant? His explanation makes more sense than him being a pedophile.

    I saw on 4chan they are soliciting dirt on Crowder, Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes and Ann Coulter. This was a planned OP.

    1. You've been here and standing as a full-blooded ally for years - you know that the intent of the quote is usually irrelevant. Facts will never get in the way of a Leftist Fcuk who wants to do harm.

      Welfare Lane, Quitter Miller and Daffy Dodge have proved that at our level, we've seen it relentlessly at the Trump level - and now it is hitting the Milo level.

      The Leftists/Welfare Sluts are better at this game than are we...

  5. This was called last night.


  6. 'The Leftists/Welfare Sluts are better at this game then are we.....'

    I disagree.
    We are still here after all of their attacks.
    They punked out and quit the III after declaring they would run us off. Pussies! Everyone of them. They never had the convictions to stand with their friends/allies when things got tough. What makes them think they will stand when the bullets start flying?

    If you do not stand with an ally/friend when the whole world is against them, they will not stand with you when your number is called.

    Bannon better not make the mistake of pursuing his self interests and stand with his ally because eventually they will come for him.

    1. You are a good friend, a solid ally, and a true Patriot.

      I agree - Bannon should not abandon people who speak the same language.

  7. As of now, breitbart has posted nothing
    on their website about the matter, not a
    single article.
    Only an idiot cannot see he is now
    dead to them, he is persona non grata.
    Without a doubt, Bannon has already
    cut him loose, he is just too cowardly
    to say anything yet.
    Right now, he's trying to figure out
    how to shine a turd, making a diamond
    out of shit and saving face.
    I confidently stand with comment and opinion,
    based on my life experience of standing
    with the underdog, of purting my neck, my dick,
    on the chopping block, while in the military
    and during the course if everyday life.
    And without fail, each snd every time, looking
    to my left and right, I found myself completely
    I am an expert student a reading the signs if
    being set up for failure, of being ambushed, and
    completely abandoned by supposed allies, time and time again.
    I make no apologies for seeing this
    as a negative, of being fucked over, right
    out of the gate.
    All of the bullshit, lies, and betrayal I've been fed has flowed equally from friendly and
    unfriendly faces.

    cav med

  8. Yep, deep state, CIA, antiTrumper Evan McMuffin is behind this. You know, the guy who said Trump will spend his life in jail.

    Bannon better be playing chess, because they are three moves away from taking our King.


  9. As of 6:30AM, on the DC coast,
    the gateway pundit has five articles about
    (and supporting) Milo.
    Breitbart had posted nothing, not even
    a simple statement of support and
    investigatory impartiality.
    What does that tell you?
    You don't have to be awarded a Nobel
    in physics to figure out what's going on
    at Bannon is doing.
    *Milo has announced a oress conference
    for 3PM this afternoon. Details can be found
    on his facebook page and the gateway pundit.
    I believe he will resign from Breitbart durring
    this press conference, thereby helping
    Bannon to save face, and to create the illusion
    that Bannon did not sell him down the river,
    fbetray him, and fire him.

    cav med

  10. Milo Yiannopoulos LOSES his $250k book deal amid outrage at pedophilia comments as Breitbart workers threaten to quit if he isn't sacked


    cav med


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