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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Milo Presser

MEDIA ALERT - Milo Yiannopoulos Press Conference In New York City 

Tuesday, February 21 2017 at 3pm

Milo Yiannopoulos will be making his first on-camera comments to press regarding the recent controversy over statements Milo made during Joe Rogan and Drunken Peasants podcasts. Questions will be taken following a statement.

Adam Weiss: adam@amwpr.com
Angela Trostle: angela@amwpr.com
Matthew Sheldon: matthew@amwpr.com

Details: https://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos/?ref=page_internal&fref=nf 


  1. Breitbart has telegraphed that Milo
    will be cut loose.
    During their radio broadcast this morning,
    host Alex Marlow, babbled about Milo's
    comments being indefensible.
    He then proceeded to appear fair and impartial, by criticizing similar comments made by


    cav med

  2. The rule of law and equal justice
    under that law is dead.
    But if you are of the dirt people,
    the shitbag elites will law and order
    the fuck out of you.

    cav med

    1. The spirit of the Law is the life of the nation, whereas the letter of the law is death."

      So if you are a leftists control freak (Pharisee) you have thousands of years of practice behind you in manipulating the law, manipulating public opinion, and generaly warring against God's design for humanity as a whole, as well as against individual persons. It was they who packed Pilate's courtyard with fellow-travelers at the mock trial, who chanted "crucify Him, crucify Him!" when Pilate tried to release Christ.
      All warfare is founded in deception - let this lesson be ever before your face as you contemplate the nature and ways of evil; else you will be deceived quite easily.

      Trump is not Christ, and certainly neither is Milo, but it is instructional to see the way of evil on such clear display - for what it lacks in creativity it fortifies by raw persistence and mind-numbing repetition. "Opportunities multiply as they are seized", and the evil one is a master of applying this to problem solving.

      Evil is never done wearing on you. That's why the wall known as 'death' had to be erected in the first place. It is God's judgement against evil - "This far, and no farther" - which is our protection if we obey God, and our condemnation if we do not; perfect and implacable throughout all time.

      Know thyself, know thy enemy.
      Only then is the path to victory visible...


  3. Breitbart will not make a decision until after the press conference so they can analyze the response.

    If they do a kneejerk reaction they will will lose credibility.

    From what I am seeing they wil not let him go.

    As for those at Breitbart that are threatening to quit over this, ask Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro how that worked out for them.

  4. I guess I was wrong, he resigned.

    1. Exactly as I correctly assessed
      and commented on in the earlier
      "Milo is Done" post.

      cav med

  5. The real politick of this one is inescapable. His rise into 'mainstream' acceptability is done. His University tours are forever done, etc.

    He can still survive, even prevail, but he'll have to step out of the spotlight, regroup, and come back on his own platform. If his closest allies remain loyal, he's got a better than average shot.

    1. "His University tours are forever done."
      Therein is the primary reason for this attack.
      Following this, the Berkeley attack and riot
      is an incontestable win for the communists
      and their foot-soldiers.

      cav med

  6. "If his closest allies remain loyal, he's got a better than average shot."

    Speaking from experience again, K?
    You know, as I do, that the assassination attempts never end until they are successful.
    It is in the very core nature of evil, that it cannot lay alongside good; it must rise against it for the sake of destruction.

    "Success" is recognized in the opportunity to look back, and see what they attempted against you, and how it failed.

    Success is discovered in recognizing that path to failure beforehand, and driving your enemies down it, mercilessly.

    Yes, "mercilessly". As in, 'Make no man your enemy, but him who chooses your enimity for himself, must receive it fully' - this is natural law, because those who choose enimity are never done pursuing you (their enemy) - in this they will give you no choice. Your success lies in realizing this, and planning accordingly for total victory.


    1. Speaking from experience, indeed. ;)

      I hope anyone on the 'Right' who experiences such attacks can learn, as did I, that those who stand tall with you are priceless in comparison to those who cut and run or remain silent - for those latter groups were never true allies willing to get wet in the first place. Better to IFF before the real battles and be rid of the useless parasites, than to have them fold when it really matters.

      I hold the average Leftist garbage in higher regard than any supposed 'Patriot' who cuts and runs, or worse, supports the Enemy through sabotage for personal gain. At least the 'average' Leftist has sufficient sack to be honest about who and what he believes...

      Personal experience may be the hardest road - but in my view, it is the only road worth traveling. ;)

  7. This political assasination crap will not end until everyone stands firm. How much crap does the NSA have on each of us?

    He may be disassociated from Breitbart but I think he still has a huge fan base that supports him and sees this for what it is.

    They had their first taste of blood with Flynn and now will use the same playbook until they achieve their final goal, Trump isolated and marginalized.
    Trump should have told Pence to fucking grow up and not make a big deal about perceived slights by Flynn.
    Trump should have said 'Flynn is my guy, deal with it'.

    I hate politicking, whether at work or real politics.

    1. Where political assassination ends, literal assassination begins. ;)

      I, too, am waiting for the President to take to the podium and shame every single Establishment R, by name and deed, who is obstructing his ability to accomplish his campaign promises.

      The first 100 days are supposed to the the honeymoon. We are 1/3 into it, with little to show, and I fear for day 101 forward if the President doesn't break his foot off in someone's arse before then...

  8. Yep, my buddy cavmed called it correctly.

    I was overly optimistic that all involved had learned their lesson. Guess not.

    1. Most will not 'learn their lesson' and survive to tell the tale. That's just the fact of the matter, and it's a hard one. Anyone who has survived round one, just might be able to survive round two...

      They just might.

      Anyone who belives that a real eduaction can be cheap, let alone free, doesn't realize just how much they have to learn. How's that old saying go, about ignorance and bliss?

      We all pay, one way or the other. It's really a matter of what you're willing to loose, to win...



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