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Friday, February 3, 2017

Psikhushka: Look it up to begin your understanding...

From Nancy Pelosi to the NY Post to Howard Stern and 24,600,000 other returns from a simple Google search - political enemies of President Trump are calling for investigations into his 'Mental Health'.  

Once again: Psikhushka - look it up and begin your education.

This blog called it many years ago when we predicted a vast expansion of the 'mental health' argument by Marxists and the Obama Administration as a weapon against 2A.  We were correct then, as we are correct now.

American Marxists have picked up on the concept adeptly, and expanded it with typical American enterprise - now calling for 25th Amendment remedies to President Trump on the basis of 'Mental Health' and even floating the concept of pre-candidacy 'tests' to ensure that only 'mentally stable' pols can run for office and thus have access to the 'Nuclear Codes'.  

Remember, these are the same people who declare that anyone standing against current LGBTQ positions, abortion, 'multi-culturalism', et al, are mentally  ill.

If you are not able to track the full-circle use of this technique from Soviet Russia to American politics in 2017, I can't help you.  Americans employing this tactic are ideologically mated to the Marxists of Soviet Russia - to which we simply say: Golitsyn.

If you get it, you get it.  If you do not, you never will.

But it is there, in modern, living-memory history for anyone who wishes to connect the dots.

If you are an American Patriot alive today, you have heard our modern 'shot heard around the world'.  That shot was the election of President Donald Trump.

You will either rally toward the gunfire - or you will not.

History is a harsh judge...

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