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Friday, February 3, 2017

Too much, too soon?

Michael Savage, and others, are floating the notion that President Trump is doing 'too much, too soon'.

I disagree.

For well over three decades I have held to this simple premise: If a man lays his hands upon you without invitation (whether literally, or financially, rhetorically or otherwise) - you are on solid moral ground to break those hands at every joint - as well as the arms and anything else you can reach. When an enemy, or potential enemy, or adversary, breaches your personal space without cause and with potentially irreparable harm, you are under no moral obligation to suffer the risk.

Is that not where Liberty-loving Americans have been for - literally - hundreds of years?

For the first time in my lifetime a man is elected - by the people - based on the clearly articulated intent to remove unwanted hands from upon us.  There are MANY unwanted hands upon us - just a quick run-down of the violations of the Bill of Rights should convince anyone of that fact.  President Trump, true thus far to his campaign promises, is moving on many fronts at once to loosen the grip of tyranny upon our bodies and Souls.

He has vast resources at his disposal.  He has surrounded himself with men and women who - generally - agree with him, at least in their own spheres of responsibility, men and women who are not afraid to engage the Enemies of Liberty on their particular piece of the polygonal battlespace.  He has unleashed Bannon and Mattis and Tillerson and Flynn, et al, to fight on ground he promised to fight upon, in our interests and names.  He has turned loose the 'Generals' of his Army to do battle - LET THEM DO BATTLE!  President Trump has assembled a genuine - literal - 'War Cabinet' in men like Mattis and Flynn - and they have been told to target oppressive Enemies of Liberty within our own bureaucracy and Deep State.  LET THEM DO WHAT THEY DO!

To Savage and everyone else - more support, less nervous Nellie, please.

Anyone who thinks you are going to get the hands of a bully off your throat without a scuffle - or full-blown ruckus - has never tried to remove the hands of a bully.

What President Trump is doing is simple - he's started an epic brawl against foreign and domestic Enemies of Liberty.

Either get in the fight, or please, please - bow down and lick the hand that feeds you - and let us forget you were our Countrymen.

It is time to get rowdy, Patriots.  And if need be - time to get wet.

Freedom is not free.

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