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Thursday, February 2, 2017

This is Serious...

There is a lot of 'serious' going on right now.

Do NOT get weak in the knees now, Patriots.  You wanted change back toward the concept of 'Liberty' - well, here it is...

Iran is a big deal.  Mexico is a big deal.  China and their islands is definitely a big deal (If you know ANYTHING about the concepts of Face & Honor ((and the differences between the two)) then you KNOW that China will not be interested in backing down.)

SCOTUS is a big deal.

The riots at Berkeley and NYU are big deals.

The travel bans are a very big deal.

The Deep State is a big deal.

You have asked for a miracle, and it was delivered in the form of Donald Trump.  You may not agree with everything he represents, but you'd better damn sure back his plays - because this is the last chance divinity is likely to throw our way.

Here's the piece.

Also, go to Mike's shop and watch this video.  She is 100% correct - self-defense is NEVER unacceptable and NEVER senseless.

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