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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Forgiven: Those who have trespassed against us...

Personally, I am new to the concept and not totally convinced.  But I'll give it my deepest, most sincere try.

Vengeance may not be mine - but so long as it is coming, I'm good.

The video deserves a listen.

T.D. Jakes.


  1. He's more dramatic and theatrical than I'm used to... but it's the Truth.
    I needed that.

  2. Okay.
    I'll be the candidate of denseness.
    What gives?

    cav med

  3. The key point here is forgiveness is only given to those who acknowledge they've done wrong.

  4. He who would have justice, must first have mercy.

    But there stands a warning to those who presume upon mercy - that when exhausted, it is the most potent form of wrath; so irresistable and so urgent that it hurls every caution to the wind, and all restraint it casts to the botom of the seas.
    Seek not to test mercy - neither the mercy of your fellow man, nor the mercy of God - for the end of mercy is the marked end of him who tests it.



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