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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Has anyone forwarded this guy's resume to President Trump?

Here's the link.

That is all.


  1. Ha, ha, ha!!!
    What the fuck for?

    Despite uncertainty, CSI Refugee Center sees newcomers

    TWIN FALLS — Despite nationwide uncertainty around refugee resettlement, the College of Southern Idaho’s Refugee Center continues to maintain full operations and take in newcomers.


    cav med

    1. Nobody north of Lewiston cares what those commie fcuks do down in south Idaho.

      There were rumors about a 'refugee center' coming to my AO about 18 months ago. That was shut the fcuk down in days - my neighbors are having none of that BS. The commies know we will burn down their homes and erase them from the memory of Man if they fcuk around - so they stand down.

      I wish more people in more AO's would do the same and had the same backbone - it would be a better country.

    2. So you don't give a fuck
      about treasonous shirbags,
      commies, and team tyranny
      operating down the road in
      your (AO/redoubt) state?
      Do you live in the independent half-state of Northern Idaho, which has seceded from
      the state of south Idaho?
      Regardless, that efforts in my AO have
      currently made little difference statewide,
      which included the purification of two
      refugee center CP's (based on the Ferguson
      and Baltimore models).
      The actions of team tyranny and communists
      matter, regardless of where it occurs
      throughout the entirety of my state.
      Apologies for saying so, but your
      response is piss poor.
      Moreover, it is counterposed to your past
      responses when others voiced a similar
      response to justify inaction, or the support
      of unified actions in their home states,
      but outside of their local AO's, that were being pilloried and vilified by the posers and dregs of the Patriot community.
      Success to you and yours, fighting to maintain
      Freedom and the Constitution, in your homes
      and on your land.

      cav med

    3. One half tank of fuel - that is your AO. Enough to reach the edge and get home. I have been all over this country, time and time again. People who can't (or won't) even control their own back yards, have zero effect 250 miles away.

      Boise has zero control in my AO - because they can't enforce their edicts and we simply ignore them.

      That is how Liberty works.

      That said - I am a national player. I'll go to Spokane, Sacramento, DC, wherever, to lend support. But most people don't have the ability or time to do that sort of thing. In all my years of traveling to other AO's, I can't say I have made a difference. But, in MY AO - there is not a Mosque or 'refugee center'.

  2. I get 'Access Denied'


  3. Here is the link to a recent posting,
    as you regularly post Pat Buchanan's articles.


    cav med


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