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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hodgkinson: Not Terrorism - WAR!

Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of civilians to effect political change.

The people targeted by Hodgkinson were politicians, staffers, bureaucrats.  They are NOT civilians in this war between Liberty and Tyranny.  

It is well beyond time for the Liberty Movement to stop treating the tyrants in America as if we have  a "...legitimate difference of political opinion..." - because tyranny is not a legitimate political philosophy, and once we accept it as such, even at the edges, we are all doomed.

There are a lot of people who helped get this guy into the fight, and they must own their responsibility.

RevWarIII is beginning to go hot, and you do not have enough ammo, folks.

Stand and be counted.

1 comment:

  1. Respectfully, having enough ammo
    does not provide peace of mind or
    guarantee success.
    Moreover, the amount of ammo
    possessed must stop being used
    as a precursor used to determine
    when this fight begins.
    Thank God, those at
    Lexington and Concord did not.

    cav med


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