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Thursday, June 15, 2017

How One Leftist Could Change The Balance of Power...

Consider if the Leftist gunman had succeeded in scoring hits on Senators Rand Paul and Jeff Flake during his attack.

The United States Senate would no longer have a Republican majority - unless the VP stepped-in to vote.  One man with one rifle and a bit of skill could have hurled the country into a genuine Constitutional crisis and may have become the catalyst for wide-spread escalation of RevWarIII.

Had the entire Republican team been on the field - he could have seriously reduced the current advantage of Rs in the House, as well.

Most of you will smirk.  Many will boast online 'Let's get this party started.'  But Fort Sumter was no joke.  600,000 Americans died the last time things went seriously hot.

Too many people like to daydream about their roles in a hot RevWarIII and in a post-Constitutional America.

I hope the adults in my audience are spending less time on blogs and FB, and more time getting ready for the Hell that is being unleashed.

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  1. Given the sophomoric character of the shooter's overall attempt, I'm gonna say that Scalise was his first target [a poor choice of targetting, but typical of a first-timer], and thus the only one he aimed at before his adrenaline came up - and cemented his lack of training into a solid defeat.

    Because that's how it happens - An incompetent guy can usually hype himself up, getting to the point of departure on false confidence and pure desirous intent; but once the first bit of lead flies and he's committed, his adrenaline comes up fast and the proverbial ground gives way beaneath him, setting the inexperienced operator into a dizzying vortex of missed observations, bad timing, and failed judgement. In training all of this is a learning experience; but in a live OP these are invariably a deadly combination, as we have often witnessed.

    "Keep your head" isn't just good general advice - it's the prayer of every operator who goes into a high-odds situation.

    For contrast: The Dallas shooter did nothing extraordinary - his tactics and methods were quite basic, but he used them well and he kept his head. And he was very effective. The Dallas PD was scared enough of him, that they choose to use a powerful explosive delivered by a robot, rather than send even a well-trained SWAT team in to neutralize him. This is a very valuable point of reference for anyone contemplating a dangerous future - the difference between success and failure, survival and death, could be as little as a weekend to rehearse and refine your plan before going to town.

    ..."the balance of political power in America ‘could’ have changed yesterday in a single event."

    Agreed. This is exactly what the progressive leadership is hoping will happen; without ever stating this desire in anything approaching explicit terms. Just like they wanted someone to attack the Family Research Council [and Veritas Project] to silence their work in exposing the systematized murder-for-profit of Planned Parenthood's management and staff, along with their affiliated criminal enterprises: the "tissue brokers" who buy and sell the remains of the murdered children "for research purposes".

    Recall that they got a useful idiot riled up enough to attack the FRC headquarters in August 2012, but that attack was also a pathetic shadow of what it could have been - *IF* the attacker had been well-trained and disciplined in even basic tactical skills.

    Sooner or later, whether by chance or by a strategic change of their "recruiting methodology", the Left *will* get a skilled and disciplined shooter for one of their freakazoid OPs, and things will get very interesting, very quickly...



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