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Friday, June 23, 2017

Prediction: Mueller Will Declare There is No There, There...

I am now confident that Robert Mueller is stacking his office with so many Clinton Leftists to provide himself political cover when he declares President Trump has committed no crimes. 

I do think he will offer something along the lines of '...there may have been poor judgement...' on President Trump's behalf, but will clarify that no High Crimes or Misdemeanors exist regarding collusion and obstruction.  (Hopefully Mueller will also expand his investigation to lynch Lynch and drag HRC back into her email treason.)

My analysis today is also that the tides are shifting in DC.  The President has endured the most brutal and concerted attack from Leftists and the Deep State and media I have ever witnessed, but in the last two weeks it seems he is gaining the upper hand.  If he can continue to achieve his campaign promises while under such withering attack, he avoids any serious unforced errors, and then Mueller puts to bed the accusations of collusion and obstruction, we will have all witnessed one of the most fascinating chapters of politics in American history.  Such an outcome will also give him the political clout he needs to satisfy his bigger promises, like the wall and tax reform.

We shall see.  Thus far the political calculus we have demonstrated on this site for more than 7 years has been pretty accurate - including as we swam against the tide of all those 'Patriots' who insisted HRC would be 45.  

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  1. Can you imagine what this country would look like right now with Clinton in office!?!



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