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Friday, June 23, 2017

Trumper Stabbed 9 Times After Pro-Trump Rally

Foreman was in intensive care Wednesday night after being stabbed nine times.

Santa Monica police did not mention a politically motivated crime, only confirming they arrested  two suspects.

"The victim and suspects got into an argument that continued as both vehicles pulled out of a parking structure and allegedly resulted in a minor traffic collision," police said.

This happened in Santa Monica, of all places.  For anyone who has ever spent any time there, you know the attacker was probably NOT living there.

As you have been warned repeatedly on this site - RevWarIII is spooling up and we are in a post-rally era.  We are now in street-clash mode, and it will only get worse.  (Watch what happens if SCOTUS backs President Trump's travel ban!)

If you head out to one of these 'rallies' and you are not prepped with AT LEAST a pocket 9 - you are being foolish.

Here's the link to the story.  I'm posting the whole link because as far as I know, I am still banned across all Fox platforms.


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