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Thursday, August 17, 2017

‘Do NOT Bring Children’ Warns Texas ‘Destroy the Confederacy’ Organizers

They aim to misbehave in Texas.

This Saturday.

Here's the link.


And at Boston Common (Thanks TD)

Here's the link


  1. Add Boston to Saturdays hot spots.

  2. Sam, TD, Cav,...

    Serious Question...

    WHat would be your defensive position and Offensive position if any at the Spirit of the Confederacy in Houston this Sat...

    Southern Soldier...

    1. I think you are asking 'If you went, how would you posture' - correct?

      Personally, I would not attend any such event, as things stand now, unless I specifically intended to engage and drop bodies. There is no other strategic reason to be there, from my vantage.

      No 'Liberty' message is going to escape the chaos. The messaging will be 'Reichtards versus Antifa Commies' - at best. No dialectic will emerge about the nobility of the civil war icons in question.

      I'd let them do their mash-up, and the closest I would get would be a snipers vantage, far enough away that none of their stupid splashes on me.

    2. I do get what yall are saying and that position is the one I would take.....

      at the moment...

      But at some point you cannont just sit back and let them run crazy

      Thanks ...

      Southern Soldier..

    3. Agreed. Once a person has reached their limit, my advice remains to 'not' travel to some mash-up involving groups of people who are nothing more than pawns.

      Engage their Masters in your AO or near your AO.

      One of the primary reasons these Antifa idiots feel comfortable raising hell is because the people who pay the bills are not afraid to send their donations to the Leftist groups, they aren't afraid to run their mouths at local PTA meetings, they aren't afraid to get on FB and rabble-rouse. They receive no push-back. So they feed energy to the idiots at the monuments.

      Take away the 'social acceptability' for the local soccer mom to encourage the monument rats, and the air gets sucked out of the room.

      There are many ways to do this...

  3. I would stay away also. Do a risk vs reward analysis. What would a victory for you look like? What would an epic failure look like?

    On a slightly different note, how long until a follower of moohammod (piss be upon him) targets one of these rallies?


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