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Thursday, August 17, 2017

CNN Lists All Confederate Monuments for Commies to Attack

Here's the link.

Now the question: What icons in America do these Leftists hold dear?  What will feel like a cultural kick in the teeth if they lose it?

The only real monuments to Communist garbage we are likely to find (aside from all of academia, etc) is the Che t-shirts worn by the Antifa & Snowflake idiots.  

btw - Charlottesville: The score is currently 1-0, advantage to Team Reichtard.  But there is a true silver lining for Liberty...

Team Reichtard and Team Snowflake both lost +1 from the gene pool before they could breed.

Just sayin'.


  1. Statues of, and places named after or dedicated to -
    MLK, Lincoln, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, etc.
    are all legitimate targets, at this point.

  2. Let the 'Reichtards' hold the lead for a while. They are, ultimately, far less dangerous than the opposition from further to the left.

    Not that I would ever fight with them, but I won't fight against them at this point in the game. My logic is simple - they're mostly a basket of bluster-fukc, who will never cease to be severely limited by their sincerely held beliefs.
    The are, in short, self-limiting. Very self-limiting, and always will be.

    The commies, on the other hand, will use whatever idiots they can, and will "build coalition" among them in whatever fashion is most likely to destroy our society. For the commies, "sincere beliefs" don't matter, because they can manipulate damn near anyones' sincere beliefs in the wrong direction, given half an opportunity. This makes the commies and their endless array of pseudo-pods (ANTIFA, BLM, CNN, etc.) far more dangerous than a bunch of goose-stepping 'Back to the Fuhrer' fans could ever be.

    It all boils down to Truth vs. Deception.
    The WNs are less dangerous because at least they're telling the truth about who they are and what they believe.
    Commies are *always* systematically lying, and thus are *always* more dangerous.

  3. CNN is wondering if the Barcelona attack was a "copycat" of Charlottesville. I seriously underestimated the mental retardation these people have.

    1. CNN is objectively guilty of taking almost any and every story and trying to injure President Trump with it. They have become the Alex Jones of the Commies.

  4. Fcuk Abe: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/aug/17/abraham-lincoln-monument-torched-in-chicago-an-abs/

    Seems someone is already heading that direction.


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