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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Mystery Project from III Arms - Win yours!

The widget above is one piece of a two-piece tactical tool coming soon to III Arms.

Be the first to tell us where we are going with it - in detail and with historical reference - and you'll win the first production unit we manufacture!

Good luck!


  1. It appears to be the bow knuckle piece
    for a new design of trench (combat) knife.

    Trench knives, aka 'knuckle knives', were created for use in close quarters combat, during W.W.I, when the fighting was taking place primarily in the trenches. Trench knives are important weapons for a style of warfare that depended on overtaking an enemy’s trench line. Both the Allied and Axis forces continued to use them during W.W.II and improved on the
    original design.

    cav med

    1. Good job. You are 75% correct on where we are headed.

      That's good enough to earn the first production unit when it rolls off the machine.

      Unit #2 will go to the Patriot who can narrow down the following:

      It isn't a new design - it is a repro. Tell us about the original.

      It isn't a true 'trench knife' - tell us where we are headed.

  2. I think I know the correct answer now.
    But I will withhold my answer, as my
    turn has passed.

    cav med


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