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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Durham, NC Sheriff - Good on him...

NC Patriots: As long as your Sheriff is doing his job, give him support.

Here's the piece.


  1. Doing his job?
    What the fuck is wrong wiith you?!
    Fuck that treasonous shitbag!
    "Sheriff’s deputies recorded the event but did not intervene as a protester climbed a ladder amid applause and chants and slipped a yellow, bungie-like cord around the soldier’s head and arm."
    The Dunham city government wanted
    the Confederate memorial gone, but they
    did not want the blistering outrage and
    threat to their personal safety that would
    accompany being responsible for the removal.
    Without question, they used commie foot
    soldiers to do the job, allowing the Sheriff
    and city government to pretend they care
    about the rule of law.
    Fuck that tin badge piece of shit!
    One day, the Nuremberg defense will split
    his sorry ass in half.

    cav med

    1. I knew my comment would draw fire. ;)

      Durham has become a Leftist stronghold. It's a judgment call on the ground as to whether he was saving lives by standing aside in the moment. He is probably also enforcing bogus 22 and drug laws in violation of Rightful Liberty.

      Take the tactical win when you can - charging the Leftists with felonies is a win. Sure, the charges will probably be plead down or dismissed. But arresting and charging is a small win in a long fight.

      At least one thing is certain - if the Leftists riot and protest the arrest and charges, they bring down on their own heads the illegitimacy of their commie goals. That is an even bigger win.

      Think strategically. Sport anything tactical that advances the strategic.

  2. That's nothing but BS.
    So now the police are supposed
    to let people riot and destroy
    property, because of "the potential
    risk of injury to the public and officers
    should deputies attempt to control
    the crowd."
    All of this circles back to the incontestable
    fact, that the rule of law and equality
    of justice is long dead in America.
    I gurantee you, the Durham Sheriff was
    acting on orders not to intervene because
    city officals wanted the Confederate
    memorial gone, but they had no interest in
    the outrage and personal risk that would
    accompany their actions.
    Without question, city officials got the job
    done by expertly pimping the communists
    into doing the dirty work.
    And now were supposed to believe that
    justice is being served because the commie
    who put the rope around the statue
    was arrested.
    The Sheriff had his deputies recorded the
    entire event. They know the identities
    of everyone who pulled the staute down.
    Moreover, some people are overjoyed
    because the Daughters of the Confederacy
    are going to have the statue repaired.
    So what!
    Durham city officials are not going to
    allow the statue to be returned to it's
    original location at the courthouse.
    Bet on it!

    cav med

  3. OK, hold yer water, guys. I was close enough to put lead through a postage stamp on this one - Yes, Durham City is a traitorous bunch of leftist scum. But it wasn't the Sheriff's department which stood down and watched as the monument was destroyed - it was the Durham City PD. The municipal PD's claim of no-responsibility was that the monument was the responsibility of the Sheriff's department - public monuments and burial plots are the responsibility of the County under NC Law - so the PD claimed that the memorial statue which was destroyed was not their jurisdiction or responsibility.

    FWIW, Durham County Sheriffs Dept was short handed that night - three deputies were out: two called in sick (I've had my suspicions about one of them well before this happened - she's got one of those alternating lifestyles dontcha know), and one was shift-diffed because of mandatory training, so district 5 (downtown) had only 2 deputies that night; 1 patrol and one K9. Yes, I find that timing damn convenient...almost like it was planned for a night when the Sheriff's Dept was short handed... but accusations require proof, and none of Hillary's emails mentions Russians conspiring to tear down monument in Durham, right?

    And FWIW, NC Law prohibits the use of K9 units for crowd control [except by prior public notice, or in a declared state of emergency, neither of which applied in this instance]. The Sheriff wanted to arrest them then and there, but didn't have the manpower in his own department, and the Durham City PD was ordered to stand down by the shitty council... so this is the best he could do - document the incident and make arrests after the fact. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the city council because of his arrests, but there's nothing they can do.

    It's a Blue City/Red County scenario -we have lots of that here.

    But the Durham Sheriff has already made it clear - to his deputies, to the city council, and to the people who elected him - that he won't be letting another such incident fly in his AO. From what I hear he's reviewing the extent of *his* power to declare a "state of emergency", and the exact extent of the power he can exercise to quell a riot under such authority, without the City's help - such as calling neighboring Sheriff's departments for backup, instead of the municipal PD. Sure, he should have brushed up on all that 'Rule of Law' and 'Maintaining Order' stuff the day after he was elected...but better late than never.

    OK, I'm through now.

  4. Respectfully, I don't believe any of the
    diarrhetic shit flowing from his mouth, any police state mouthpiece, and
    those of the treasonous Uniparty.
    Morover, the Herald Sun "journalist" who wrote the article personally interviewed the Sheriff
    (on site) after the commie attack.
    She personally viewed deputies recording
    the monuments destruction.
    For the sake of discussion, let's say there
    was only the Sheriff and two deputies.
    It does not take more than one to record
    a decent video these days, especially if
    an iPhone or other modern mobile device
    is used.
    Regardless of who had tactical and law enforcement seniority on site, both the
    Sheriff's department, local PD, and Durham
    elected officals are all equally cupable, worthless and guilty.
    Moreover, if a society is actually governed
    by the rule of law, using the BS claim of "just following orders," as a legal defense, was most definitively decided to be nonsense by the precedent of the Nuremberg trials.
    The Sheriff's babbling nonsense does
    not wash.

    cav med

    1. Cav Med,
      I respectfully disagree. It wasn't common knowledge that they were going to tear down the monument - all that was known going in, was that there was "a march" being ginned up on the NCCU campus, and that they were heading downtown to make a stink about the events in Charlottesville. This is normal crap for the Durham commies/NCCU crew - they do "a march", get on the local news, and earn their field credits for "community involvement" - happens way too frequently, but it is what it is.

      It's rare that anything gets damaged, let alone destroyed. And the Durham PD *never* arrests anybody, or otherwise intervenes so long as no one gets hurt. There's a de-facto pact between the city and NCCU that these so-called "students" can do this crap as part of their "education". And as I said - it's rare that they do anything more than minor damage. So I don't think anyone (except those on the "march" planning committee) knew that this time was going to be any different.

      Further, two deputies vs. nearly a hundred "protesters", with no backup coming because Durham PD was ordered (as usual) to stand down and let it happen, was a bad formula once the direction of events became obvious. The Sheriff didn't get there until the party was over, and when he did arrive there was a lot of smoke and thunder off to the side between him and the PD Shift Commander about why the PD refused to back his guys up when things got 'real'.

      Take it as you will, but never forget that most of the pertinent facts will never be published by "the media".

      Like I said, there's a lot of Blue City/Red County difficulties hereabouts. It's our burden.

    2. Having no knowledge of their intent
      beforehand is irrelevant.
      The commies arrived and they spent
      time setting up shop, extending a ladder,
      Janey 'bag of doughnuts' lumbering to
      the top and placing a tow rope over the
      statue, clearly demonstrated what was
      going to happen beforehand.
      And if was not demonstrative enough, once
      people started pulling the rope, any law
      enforcement present unable to overcome
      their police state corruption and uphold the
      rule of law and their oath should have gut-checked themselves, cleared leather, and defended that memorial dedicated to our
      honored war dead, to the degree necessary.

      cav med

  5. My pleasure, K.
    And FWIW, pay attention any time you hear "NC Central University" mentioned in the news. It is at least as hardcore commie as 'Evergreen State College' in Olympia, WA, and almost as big - over 8,000 students each semester at this 'Commie U' in downtown Durham. Nothing good comes outta that place. Nothing.

  6. Smart Patriots will eat popcorn (with a wily eye on everything) as these idiots all bang heads. Let them thin the field. 'NONE' of the people on these fields of 'Statue Wars' are friends of Liberty. But they can be our Useful Idiots...


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