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Monday, August 21, 2017


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This tactic worked well for the Left following Sandy Hook.

It could work now, especially since Obstructionist Republicans despise President Trump as deeply as do the Leftist/Democrats.

You do not have enough ammo.


  1. And they do not have enough Federal Protective services to not live in constant fear.

    BTW, I am good on ammo.

  2. How goes the building of capable and reliable allies in your AO? Are the Antifa antics bringing solid Patriots out of the shadows - or is it still tough to find reliable guys & gals to actually carry weight?

    In my AO the Antifa thing is essentially meaningless - they are so far removed from impacting daily life here that my neighbors just shake their heads.

  3. Things are picking up. Patriots are not hiding anymore. I just hope it isn't a hobby or a fashion statement.


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