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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Vandalize a Statue or Monument in Texas - get lead poisoning...

I found the original link at Brock's shop, here. (If you aren't stopping by Brock's place daily, you are wrong.)

Here's the link to the full piece.

Apparently under Texas law, you may use force - and during night time use deadly force - to stop an idiot from vandalizing a monument.

Of course, the Texan who does this will be in for one hell of a ride afterward, but I'd bet any Texan who shoots an Antifa Commie for defacing a Texan monument would get his own monument in short order!  He'd be a hero to everyone who loves Liberty.


  1. Refugee Resettlement in Sandpoint?
    (with Video)


    cav med

    1. We've got a significant and hardcore III outfit based in Sandpoint. I'll report here as soon as I get the real deal.


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