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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Reality for those of you capable of being Realists...

Thousands of stateless Muslims have fled 'genocide', telling refugee camp workers their people are being hacked to death.

The UN estimates almost 50,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh, claiming they were forced out by a genocidal army.

About 20,000 remain stuck in no-man's land between Bangladesh and Myanmar, whose government has denied attacking the minority and instead blamed 'terrorists' for initiating violence. 

Here's the link.

Sit down & shut up.  Leave.  Die.

Those are the only choices on the table for Enemies of Liberty.  Once Culture A has seriously had enough meddling from Culture B, this is what happens.  If Culture A waits too long, they perish.

Not my rules.  Look to Mother Nature and history.

But let's put it all into perspective, shall we?

The same sun shining on you every day is the same sun that shined upon the faces of the dinosaurs.  So, stop thinking we are so very special and unique, and get on with the work ahead of us all...


  1. President Trump's Bizarre DACA Tweet Angers His Base


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  2. The most revealing statement
    during this commiecon is spoken
    by Schumer, starting at approximately
    7:20 in the video.
    Those few genuine Patriots and supporters
    prepared to defend our Constitutional republic, rightful liberty and freedom, really need to gut-check themselves (NOW) and admit the reality of our situation.
    For a long period of time, (extremely past tense)
    the treasonous shitbags of D.C., and their foot soldiers have left us no alternative but to kill them.
    That's it.
    There is nothing more.


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  3. www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/09/06/schumer-and-pelosi-say-democrats-will-support-harvey-aid-with-3-month-debt-limit-raise.html


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  4. A picture is worth a thousand scalps.




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  5. Trump, Schumer agree to pursue plan to repeal the debt ceiling


    President Donald Trump on Thursday reassured so-called Dreamers concerned about their status over the next six months, tweeting that they “have nothing to worry about.”


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