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Monday, September 4, 2017

Trump v. NoKo: Will he or won't he...

By every measure, North Korea has mocked and stepped beyond every Red Line President Trump has drawn.

No matter W's promise about the 'axis of evil'.  No matter that his predecessor and successor did nothing to impede North Korea from attaining nukes that may be able to hit us.  

Fact: This is now President Trump's problem.

We hired Donald Trump for 'exactly' this sort of problem.

Now - will he live-up to our expectations and his own rhetoric?

Will he teach NoKo what an American backfist tastes like - regardless of the immediate costs, for the sake of the longer and greater good?

As usual - we do not encourage comments here.  But if you are of a mind, go for it.

Will POTUS drop nukes on NoKo?

Will he unleash conventional forces in the form of air and missile strikes?

Will he commit land troops?

Will he punk-out and accept NoKo as a new member of the Nuclear Club?

 - or - 

Will he order one of the above options only to be jacked by his Cabinet or the Deep State?

We shall see...


  1. Any realistic attack to end Kim would have to include at least a half-dozen nuke-tipped cruise missiles, at least. It would also include massive bombing, including MOABs. Even then the North would unleash hell into Seoul with artillery, and they may even have a pre-positioned nuke somewhere in the world.

    'Not' striking NoKo at this point virtually guarantees some US city from SD to Seattle will get nuked over the next 3-8 years.

  2. Glass the fuckers, if we don't they will hit one of our cities sooner or later. Kim the fat kid maniac with nukes needs to go, the statigy of appeasement will not end well for us.


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