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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Flake Flakes: This is what WINNING looks like...

Corker & Flake are 'retiring'.

Thank POTUS & Bannon.

Even if those Senate seats are won by Democrats, it is a win for POTUS/Bannon/America First.  As it sits right now, those seats are essentially blue/Dem anyway.  They are not supporting POTUS or his agenda.  

The win even if they are won by D's?

Every Trump obstructionist will get the message 5 x 5 - support Trumpism or President Trump will 'retire' you.

I know many of you dismiss politics as useless/rigged/waste of time.  I contend you are correct that we will not vote our way out of the coming conflict.  However, as I have counseled since coming online - who sits in elected political seats matters to our fight and end game.  We want as many allies in elected office as possible when the ruckus begins.

When the music stops and the shooting starts, it will matter who sits in our political offices.

President Trump is the answer Americans gave to shutting down the Tea Party.  The Tea Party was a message to tyrants - the American people are not dead yet.  The tyrants stomped on everything Tea Party.  The answer we gave was an escalation to Trump and America First.

If 'They' succeed in shutting down Trumpism - imagine what the next escalation will look like...

1 comment:

  1. They have succeeded.
    It was accomplished long ago.
    Moreover, they are smart enough
    to know that the overwhelming
    majority of Americans are such
    brain dead, zombified, narcissistic,
    and fickle consumers, playing the
    full blown end-game is not necessary
    to maintain control.
    This is why three weeks after
    a terrorist attack that kilked 59 Americans,
    which was completely facilitated by fedgov
    and their treason policies of open border, sanctuary city, and the unchecked invasion of (fake refugee) sharia law muslim terrorists, not
    a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.
    We have ZERO "allies" in elected office now,
    and have not for a long time.
    If we did, we would not be slaves scrabbling
    in the kitty-litter of post Constitutional America.

    cav medic


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