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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Vegas: Hooters hit on the night of Paddock?

Thanks, ToneDeaf.

Has ANYONE come across even a MENTION of activity at Hooters that night?


  1. Here is an interview with a blackjack dealer in Hooters that night.


    She says hundreds of people running in, many with wounds and several people died on the front sidewalk. How do victims with mortal wounds run approx. 400 yards to die in front of Hooters? Were they trying to get an order of wings before entering the pearly gates?

    How did people with other wounds make it that far? Adrenaline will only take you so far before shock sets in.

    1. Even bleeding that is not immediately life threatening will kill you, if it goes on long enough without being treated.
      A slow (non-arterial) bleed can kill you
      just as dead.

      cav medic

  2. This is how easy for a shooter with suction cups can remove and replace a window at Mandalay bay.


    1. Any shooters on the lower floors
      of the Mandalay Bay would not
      need to remove anything.
      Those rooms have windows with
      "ventilation strips" which can be opened.

      cav medic

  3. What if the Mandalay Bay shooter was used to move the crowd out the East gate onto Giles St. Headed North away from the hotel and into a second kill zone set up at the corner of Giles and E. Reno on top of the Catholic church?
    It would make the second shooter with the shorter report lag indicating a distance of 250 yards vs the 475 yards from the hotel feasible.


    If this is the case it would cut the distancs in half for the wounded and dying to get to Hooters.

  4. Obviously, you have not listened
    to police comms from that night.


    These videos of eyewitness accounts are
    also worth viewing: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BXBfCIukLmA&feature=youtu.be


    And please don't miss this gem: FBI and LV swat raid Tropicana while shooting was still
    in progress: https://twitter.com/TruNews/
    There are rumors being floated as to
    why they were actually there.
    However, it is a fact that this "team" was
    at the Tropicana, while the shooting was
    For the record, Hooters and the Tropicana
    are right next to each other, with connected
    entrances in the middle and access points from both sides, front and back.
    Please listen to the police comms recordings
    carefully and thoroughly, the Tropicana and numerous hotels are constantly mentioned.
    The videos linked above have been posted
    since immediately after the attack.
    Honestly, and I am not throwing a bone of creditability, as to the offical answer (if any) given for that massive ems/police pressence, but that setup was most likely an established triage point.
    It was a secure location for marshaling resources, preparing patients for transport, and tasking vehicles on mission from a single
    orderly location.
    Moreover, even on foot, the Tropicana and Hooters is very close to the concert venue. Those two hotels are immediately north of
    that killing field.

    cav medic

  5. I forgot to add, for further perspective, the
    view from the MGM towards the Hooters
    hotel is to the south.
    Immediately to the right is the Tropicana,
    and in the top right corner is the Mandalay Bay.
    The concert venue (Las Vegas Village) area begins immediately on the sourhern facing side
    of the Tropicana hotel, continuing southwards
    toward the main stage.

    cav medic

  6. How many people really died that night in Vegas??? Why can we not get the truth??? What about the armed people who walked through the Tropicana??? Who were they?? Was our government involved in the planning and execution of this horrible attack on that night??
    This video confirms what others said that night about multiple shooters at multiple locations!!!! The police scanners talked about shooting happening at different places.
    We will never know the truth!!


  7. Here is the front of Hooters before it was overran with ambulances and dead/wounded. Something happens in the middle sounding like gunshots and causing people to scatter.


  8. CM,

    I thought the same thing, a triage area. But listening to the scanner I changed my mind. They would not set up next to the Tropicana when they have numerous reports of active shooters not 50 yards away.

  9. As I mentioned, lot's of panicked people
    went to and returned to Hooters hotel.
    It is immediately adjacent (on foot) to the concert venue (Las Vegas Village), as is the Tropicana.

    cav medic


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