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Monday, November 11, 2019

‘Go back to California’: Wave of newcomers fuels backlash in Boise

LA Times reporter Maria L. La Ganga  pitched her case subtly that her fellow Lefties should continue their invasion of my adopted state of Idaho, and Boise in particular.

We had a net gain of 80,000 to our state in 2018, a large percentage from California.  It takes very little energy to understand how a relatively minor invasion of Lefties can change the political landscape of a state like Idaho.  And what many of those ninnies do in our state capitol has far too much impact on us in my town - 350+ miles and 7+ hours of highway north.

I particularly was amused by the end of her piece where she declared that the core problem the folks in Boise had about Californians was money - income inequality.

But she failed to grasp the true root cause - to many of us the American Leftist is as 'other' to us as is the ChiCom dog-eater, the European Socialist, the Muslim Morons and the LGBTQQIP2SAA abominations (and whatever additional bits of the acronym I missed).

It isn't about your money - it's about your values and especially your insistence that we not merely tolerate you, but embrace and even defer to you, at the expense of our values.

We don't want you here attempting to change our politics or our neighborhoods any more than we want the ChiCom or the Muslim or the Wall Street 'Globalist' or any of the lesser hordes that seek to impose their will at the cost of our Liberty.

I, too, moved to Idaho 5 years ago. My family did not move here to change Idaho into the hell whence we came (DC) - we moved here because many of the people in Idaho already held dear the values we find important. 

America is being relentlessly swarmed by millions of people every year from other lands and cultures and faiths that are, simply, incompatible with personal liberty.  The Leftists born in the USA (they are not 'Americans') who are invading across state borders represent a far greater existential threat to liberty.

Here is her full piece.

**Sidenote**  Here is a piece from JR Nyquist.  It is intricately related in a big-think way.

What we are seeing in America right now is not merely neighbors who hold '...legitimate political differences of opinion...'

Remember your Golitsyn.  We were warned.

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