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Monday, December 2, 2019

Secrets of the Swamp

From J.R. Nyquist:

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez asks Bernie Sanders’ supporters if they are “ready for revolution,” she is talking about creating a new system of power, a reconfiguration of haves and have-nots. She is not proposing poverty and suffering for her own party and faction. She is championing Socialist Revolution as a means of self-enrichment, with the false promise of benefits to her listeners. But in that revolution some must be despoiled of their wealth. Some must be robbed. The capitalist system brought general prosperity to America because it is based on the protection of private property. This also coincides with the preservation of liberty; for in truth, there are no rights worth protecting if property is not protected. And there can be no basis of trust for real economic growth without property rights. This tells us, up front, that the socialist revolutionary is not about economic growth or general prosperity. The whole thing is about plunder and the enrichment of a faction.

This is another secret of the swamp. Plundering the commonwealth is what all true socialist states are about. And everyone, except those attached to the ruling clique, will be impoverished at the end of the process.

Read the piece, here.


The actions of the Left (which includes 99% of 'The Right' and well over 90% of the citizenry) are not "...legitimate differences of political opinion..."

What they seek is conquest.  Your personal liberty is what they must destroy to realize their goals.

It is that simple.

 - K

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