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Thursday, December 5, 2019

December 5, 2019

Since conservatives are evil, and communists are good, the left has no qualms about violating a conservative’s right to privacy. It was never okay to ask a communist, under oath, whether he was a member of the party. But today it is the left’s position that conservatives are the enemies of the planet. Any or all measures, however extraordinary, must be employed to criminalize their political activity, to cripple their means of self-protection, and eliminate them from the country’s political life.

That is the meaning of what we see today. The left has reached the conviction that they are not only right but righteous; that those who disagree with them should have no rights, no voice, no share in power. The events of today are a warning. The left is not going to be constrained by principle, by law, or decency. It has no regard for the truth. There are individuals on the left who may be principled, law abiding and decent; but the political powers of the left, which dominate our media and our government, have a totalitarian coloration.

The hypocrisy of what we are seeing is beyond anything we could have anticipated. How could Americans go along with this? How could they not see what has happened?

Whatever party you think you belong to, it’s time to open your eyes. The enemy is inside the gate. The totalitarian countries, under the leadership of Russia and China, are building their forces for the coming war. The threads of external danger are woven together with threads of internal subversion.

Though it does not appear likely to the casual observer, all these threads belong to communism — an ideology which has shape-shifted, taking up various disguises; yet its revolutionary core remains the same.

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We were warned - long ago.  We were warned by Golitsyn and we were warned by the events and actions of the world around us.  Parents were warned to keep their children away from public schools and all colleges.  We were warned time and again by our very Founders to kill the snake of Tyranny on sight, relentlessly, to never allow it to take root.

And here we are...

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