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Friday, December 6, 2019

F'ck'n Prison Guards, man...

Outrage as West Virginia corrections officers give Nazi salute in class photo

Virginia prison guards strip-searched an 8-year-old girl visiting her father

#1: These 'Law Enforcement Officers"  (Yes, they truly like to consider themselves as such) - actively participate in, facilitate and directly enforce the violation of Natural Rights of MILLIONS of Americans who are in prison for malum prohibitum 'crimes'.   And many of these idiots claim to be 'Patriots'.

#2: What sort of self-respecting Human Being chooses to enter a prison every workday for 20 or more years?

#3: Every single one of them is a poster boy for 'State Working Welfare' - because they produce nothing and would be unemployable but for the State.


1: Hang, banish or otherwise extirpate all malum in se actors.
2: Stop the nonsense of malum prohibitum

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