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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

20 January in Richmond: The Vanderboegh Doctrine is already on Display

If you've been paying attention for any significant length of time to the players in this farce called 'Resist', you are probably pinching the bridge of your nose while trying to ignore the screeching of doom and revolution that is unquestioningly going to erupt in Richmond on 20 January.

No, it isn't. If anyone starts shooting that day History will eventually note the trigger-puller was directly employed by, or otherwise manipulated by, OpFor.  What is OpFor?  OpFor is that vast sea of pathetic humanity that has no honest affection for Jeffersonian Rightful Liberty.

Yeah, there's a LOT of OpFor out there.

The genuine Patriots who attend the Richmond gig will be drowned out by the posers.  Some Poser or another is bound to claim a FedGov Drone Strike is inbound - right Stewie?

You see, the Vanderboegh Doctrine remains the default posture of most vocal 'Patriots' who rabblerabblerabble online.  You know the doctrine - rabblerabblerabble, then show up to an 'Armed Resistance Protest' with a zip tie through your weapon, empty mags, and if you should come up against some impenetrable obstacle (such as wooden doors held closed by a 150 year-old lock) - then turn around, claim victory, rabblerabblerabble some more, then go home and wait for your next welfare check from the very 'Gummint' you were just 'protesting'.

Evidence, you ask?  Well certainly, good sir.  The retreat and supplication is already on full display.  Just ask Chris Hill - who now 'may or may not' attend the Richmond gig armed - and 'may not' enter the Capitol Square - you know, because the Governor wrote 'No Constitutional Protesting Here' in a memo.

Then, of course, there is the 'Too Cool for School' class of "Patriots" who revel in their online blogs denouncing and criticizing every single decision taken by the guys on the ground.  Many of these idiots - who will NOT be in Richmond, because, you know, they are too cool and smart - even prattle on about how the 'Militia' is illegal and immoral.  Some gibberish about having surrendered the right to a militia once the Constitution was ratified.  Many of these 'Experts' will be working at their State & FedGov jobs on the 20th - right JC?

Then there is the TINVOWOOT Brigade who will be anywhere BUT Richmond on the 20th.  You see, these folks believe that only through cataclysmic violence that '...burns everything to the ground...' can their Utopian Anarchy come to be - you know, where all of the Anarchists agree (otherwise known as voting the same) to live happily in their Anarchy world.  Yeah, they won't be there on the 20th - but you can bet they'll have a lot to say about it afterward - whatever may happen on the ground.

Then there are the Nancy Pelosi Patriots.  They won't be there on the 20th.  You know the type - they wear the frock of 'Patriot' the same way Nancy Pelosi claims to be a good Catholic.  Just don't talk to her about abortion, ok?  Well the Nancy Pelosi 'Patriots' are the sort who rabblerabblerabble while living hip-deep in the Socialist lifestyle they rant about - just keep taking those monthly Social Security checks and medicaid handouts - Right Kenny?  

The hypocrisy stuns.  What do 99% of these 'Patriots' have in common?  They have never, nor will they ever, produce one product or service that benefits Liberty.  They are Takers - not Makers.

Anyway - it is very possible something will get out of hand in Richmond on the 20th.  But if anything happens, you can be certain of one thing - it ain't a Lexington Repeat.

Because John Parker ain't gonna be there.

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