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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Where the Riots Are Not...

This is not your Boogaloo.

This is not Spicy.

This is certainly not an organic Race Riot.

This is Reds exploiting circumstances and murdering American Liberty - once again unchecked by the 'Patriot' Keyboard Commandos who love to rabblerabblerabble from their basements while the Reds take ground - unchallenged - in their various AOs.

20 years from now the Reds governing these AOs will be selling millions of ARs and AKs formerly owned by American 'Militia' and 'Patriots' and assorted camo-clad shit-talkers with the accurate marketing slogan: "American made and owned Rifles - excellent condition, great paint jobs - never fired in anger, a few were dropped once, the rest surrendered voluntarily for a bread chit..."

1 comment:

  1. I have not seen Antifa enter an area not dominated by the brain dead and get away with their antics. Should they come armed and looking for trouble I have no doubt that Americans will at least equal the composure and determination of Koreans in LA to defend their property and liberty. Those who would surrender their arms have never served, never seen socialism in action, and are just soy boys with Bibles.


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