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Sunday, June 2, 2013

III CQB Training

A quick peek inside the world of the Kerodins is in order before we get to the CQB course.

The last year has seen several III projects grow to the point that they require the bulk of our attention every day.  Holly and I have had less and less time to focus on the business activities that pay our bills, so we decided to wind those business activities down so we could focus entirely on III projects.  We have several III projects in the queue that we simply haven't had time to roll out, yet.  IIIGear has grown to the point that it requires daily attention, or ugly delays happen.  The Congress has work on the table that hasn't been pushed out the door.  There simply aren't enough hours in a day.  So the last few months have included work on our part to close down our unrelated businesses.

We still have bills to pay - we enjoy eating every day.  So we decided to build a business that will pay our bills and allow for all of our attention to be focused on III projects. 

Welcome to the beginning of III CQB.  This is how Holly and I will earn the bulk of our income for the next year or so.  We have developed a CQB core program specifically for III Patriots who anticipate being forced into conflict.  The program is also suited for general daily self defense.

The course is *NOT* a martial arts course.  No kata or exotic techniques are included.  I have put together a package that is intended to teach you the fundamentals along with hardcore finishing techniques to end deathfights. 

The techniques I have included in this package are designed for men and women equally, and if you aren't in the best physical shape you'll still do fine.  The course is a matter of craft and technique, not brute strength, size or condition.

How much can you learn in a single day of III CQB training?  I say this as humbly as I am able: I am a good teacher.  At the end of the 8-hour day you will be sore, tired, and your CQB skillset will be better than most LEO and .mil that you may face.  You will not be ready to step into a cage match, but you will be able to defeat most men who dare put their hands on you.  Continued training with your Tribe will help turn techniques into muscle memory.

You'll learn to choke 'em, break 'em and take weapons from 'em. (I'll bring the Blue Gun trainers.)  You'll learn where to hit 'em, what to hit 'em with and how to hit 'em.

Even though I am pricing the course far below market, economic realities demand that I set a minimum class size.  (I was paying $250 for an hour of individual class time with certain instructors in the mid-90's to learn particular techniques - I am charging less than that for an 8 hour course today.)  I encourage anyone who wants to check the market value to go to *any* belt-factory/dojo in your AO and ask the teacher what $210 will get you.  ;)

Scholarships: Many of our fellow Patriots are unable to pay for class time, but they need the training.  If you are in a position to help your fellow Patriots, I will accept course fee donations (anonymity ensured) and award a scholarship to a deserving Patriot.  If you can afford to pay for a single class, or for several slots, you will be helping Patriots across the country receive training that they otherwise would have to miss.  Your help may result in giving a Patriot the skills he or she will one day use to save lives.

Location: Classes will usually be held in your AO, at a site you use for an FTX.  We can also do this in the back yard of one of your Tribe.  Outdoors on grass is best.  Weather is irrelevant - though if you want to train indoors, feel free to secure a venue.  I am willing to travel anywhere in the US (the travel aspect will actually help me accomplish more III business as I move around the country)  If you are local to the DC Metro I will designate the location.  If you are in the North West, we can hold classes at the Citadel site.

Gear/Clothing: Train as you intend to fight.  I don't care if you show up for class in cammies and combat boots, jeans and sneakers, sweats, a gi, or shorts - your call.  2 notes: Women, sports bra is a necessity.  Guys, wear a jock - rockin' commando in a CQB class will not be appreciated by your training partners.  I will bring Blue Gun trainers for each class, no live blades or firearms.   

Costs:  $210/person with an 8-student minimum class size.  (If you have fewer than 8 people but still want the class, all you need to do is simply cover the cost of the open slots among those who will attend.  Example: A class of 6 students =  $280 per.)  Maximum class size is 20 people (training in 10 pairs.)  I refuse to fly, all of my travel is done by driving. 

If you have more than 20 people and want everyone to train together, let me know and I will arrange for an assistant instructor to ensure everyone gets the required supervision.  Or we can schedule 2 days back-to-back.  I'm flexible. 

Payment: I will secure your requested date with a $100 deposit.  Full payment must be made at least 2 weeks before your training date.  I'll set up PayPal, and you can always send checks/Money Orders/silver or gold (American Eagles only, please.)  Please be sure to email me to ensure your target date is available.

PerSec & OpSec: I do not need to know the names of you or your Tribe.  If you are part of a Militia, have your CO handle payment.  Non-militia can use the same process - designate a pointman as contact and keep everyone else anonymous, if you wish.

Entrepreneurs: I don't care if you sell slots above my rate.  Example: If you want to sell slots at $250 each and put the extra cash in your Tribe Fund or your pocket, go for it.

Holly and I decided against building a promotional video.  We may change our minds later, once we expand to the wider Liberty Movement and martial world, but for now we'll leave the course curriculum off YouTube.  A simple website will go live in a while, but it will be a simple "Who/What/Where" site.  I won't announce my travel dates or locations if you are booking a group class and you want only your group attending.  I may select a site/date once in a while and invite groups/individuals to enroll (For example: "I will be in Tulsa for a III Gear show on Saturday, and will host a CQB class on Sunday for anyone in the Tulsa area...")

Here is a PayPal for reservations only.  It is a $100 fee to reserve your class.  





  1. A SoCal class is in the works for late June / early July. Details here: http://bonniegadsden.blogspot.com/2013/06/iii-cqb-training-class-socal.html

  2. Guess the firearm manufacturing business isn't as lucrative as the news leads us to believe?

    1. Actually, Mark, III Arms is doing outstanding. But as we have said since the beginning - noone takes a salary from III Arms. Sorry to hurt your feelbads.



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