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Friday, October 18, 2013

You will hear this again: Arrest the Rs for Sedition

David has the story, here.

This is not simply a blog post - it is an appeal to Government to turn their guns on you.

You will hear this again in the future, and when They think They are ready, They will heed the calls.

21,000 people have already signed the petition.

We are not in a "politics as usual" period of history.  We happen to be alive at a point in history that will make future textbooks, written by those who prevail.  CA made the point that Communists are all about mass murder - millions and millions at a time.  And when you are the most narcissistic Dear Leader history has ever seen, you'll want to surpass the stats racked up by neophytes like Stalin and Mao.  You'll want to show the world how it is really done.

You, Patriot, are intended to help him pad his stats.

You, Patriot, are marked for death.

You, Patriot, have been warned.



  1. Gotta love that "new tone," don't you?

    The pattern of Obama presenting himself as "non-partisan" and "above the fray" while his numerous cat's-paws do his Chicago-style dirty work should be starkly apparent to every politically engaged American by now. So why are his approval ratings still in double digits?

  2. as of 11:04AM 10/19/13 I am not able to access NCRenegade's site... I was on much earlier this AM however... seems odd... maybe not so much, on the other hand...

    Prepping Preacher

  3. As of this writing, there are 44,900 signatures.

    And every one of them is the person's real name and town.

    Go through them, as I am doing, and make a note of those who live near to you. After all, they're offering you a gift, and it would be impolite to decline.

  4. Peter - good idea. I went through too many pages of names and collected just names from my state. In looking at so many entries, a few thoughts crossed my mind:

    1. The meme to arrest Republicans is working well. These people seem more than willing to use the force of government to remove their perceived political opponents. Many people left angry comments beyond the inflammatory text of the petition itself.
    2. I'm a bit surprised that MoveOn's petition list is so open - it is almost too easy to harvest the information.
    3. I would estimate that a positive identification could be obtained for about half of the people who signed the petition - they either have a sufficiently unusual name or reside in a smallish town. In a few cases, signers provided first name, middle name or initial, and last name, to make positive identification even easier.
    3. The fact that the petition list is so open combined with how easy it would be to positively identify individual signers could be used as the foundation of a psyops operation to stifle participation in future petitions.
    4. A lefty-sounding petition opened strategically (e.g. another anti-Republican petition after the next budget showdown) could be used to get the quislings to self-identify.
    5. The cult of personality around Dear Leader grows dangerously stronger every day. I was surprised at the number of people who left comments blaming Republicans for things Dear Leader (Valerie Jarrett) spitefully ordered to be done.


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