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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Round-Eye is even more dangerous than the slope - the round-eye has sold you out many times already...

My paternal grandfather was a Cold War Spy.

He didn't talk much about his work.  But on his deathbed (in the house) he did warn my father and me to stay out of the subways in America - that our Government was as evil as any other country on the planet.  I don't know if he had been part of it, or simply aware of it, but he knew of Operations to drop light bulbs filled with bacteria in the DC Subway, as well as the Bacillus globigii dropped in the New York Subway.

The current administration is preparing to welcome hundreds of thousands of Chinese onto American soil to live in Chinese-styled cities.

Can't happen here?


They have a special hole just for you, and a special mattress for your wife and daughters.

The point: Your enemy is no less your enemy just because he's a round-eye and  has shared this continent with you for all of your lives.


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