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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Works. Of. Art.

III Arms Company.
Jim Miller.
Here's his website - where you can order the finest 1911 Fighting Pistol you can take to the Green with you.
Folks - I can PROMISE you prices will be going up on III Arms products.  The quality - as you watch Jim build - is obvious.  You will be able to trust your life to III Arms.   These are not Norinco bucket pistols - they are not even Kimber or Wilson-class.  I'd bet Jim gets a call and one hell of an offer from Mr. Baer.  We'd better all hope Jim doesn't accept.
Mister Browning would be proud.


  1. I will NOT buy a Baer. He can keep his phone in his pocket. ;-)
    And this does NOT pay by the hour, otherwise I'm making less than a North Korean prison ditch digger. It's about more than money...it's about the III and the Nation we once were...folks who took pride in what they accomplished. I aim to bring that back, once piece at a time.

    1. Leading from the front. It's good to know you, Mr. Miller.


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