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Monday, January 27, 2014


This man wants to use the force of law to track autistic children - for their own good, of course.

Autistic children today.  Tomorrow, for their safety, all of the children, and the trackers will, of course, eventually feed to .Gov "protectors".

Here's the piece.

More Evil: Report: DEA Chief Rips Obama's Pot Remarks

DEA and many LEO groups are outraged that laws are being loosened on pot.  You see, for many LEO groups, the War on Drugs is a huge revenue source, a tool of power, and for DEA - their very reason to exist.

Evil can be defined as doing the wrong thing for personal interests, yes?

Here's the piece.

You and I can't "make" people "be good".

But we can sure as hell impose our will on people who insist upon being Evil.



  1. NO. You want to know my line? This is my line. My kids are my line. Period.

  2. Damn, I almost feel like shouting "Foul!" for using pics of scumbags like him. Maybe just throw Janet Reno up there and be done with it...a closeup, so we can gag.

    But yes, they exist. I guess my point is this. Your life is a ton more valuable than theirs, for sure to yourself but also to anyone with half a wit. Hence, that's where the focus should be.

    That's all. The absence of evil is not the presence of good.
    Sure, nothing works to unify people like a common enemy. Big deal...the collectivists figured that out thousands of years ago. The problem is the rather more complex issue of Pragmatism. When it comes to human action, the ends do not justify the means.


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