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Monday, January 27, 2014

The well-dressed Guerrilla

Planning to attend a Kiev-type event? 

Dress for success.

The advantages of the helmet are obvious.  And any rider knows good jackets are armored at key points.  I've written about Condor's Nomex Tactical Gloves, and you are being foolish if you head to a fight without good gloves.

I've covered the advantages of operating from a bike before, no need to repeat it here except to suggest that if you plan to operate in a metropolitan environment, consider the quickness of a 250.  If you are operating in a more open environment where you may need real speed to accompany that maneuverability, look at a 600.  Anonymity?  Of course there are ways to do it - just noodle it through for a few minutes.

Honda CBR 250
Honda CBR 600
The Revolution is on TV today.  It was on TV in October when some of your fellow Patriots were in DC.

Do you plan to be one of the guys on the television - or stay on your couch?

If you leave your couch, understand this reality: The stakes are simple - Life or Not Life.  It is not a party.  It is not a game.  If you show up and fuck around, expect to be knee-capped by someone flying a Gadsden.  There is no room for stupid.


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