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Monday, February 17, 2014

Email Update

Just got feedback from my webhost - he analyzed the records sent by 2 people who tried to email me but had their email bounced back.  In both cases, "SpamCop" blocked your email - the odds are your server is "shared" and someone on the server is doing naughty things.

When it happens again, raise hell with your host and he should fix it.  Sometimes it takes a few days to sort out.



  1. Understood.
    I will try again, at both addresses, and see how it plays out.
    I am familiar with this issue as it used to happen to my school
    account, when administrators were intercepting my emails, reading,
    and then forwarding them to intended recipients.
    I figured it out when I noticed that emails, which should have
    been received almost instantly were taking days to make it into
    destination inboxes.
    Well, if the issues persists, I will just looking out my windows more often, standing by and cultivating a bigger pair of balls then I already possess.

    1. "...standing by and cultivating a bigger pair of balls then I already possess."

      Hell, if you could market that you wouldn't have to worry about anything else. Yea, Team Capitalism

  2. Two test msg's were sent, one per the two addresses you use.


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