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Monday, May 12, 2014

Another PatCon Extraordinary Success: Mason Dixon Vixen

Chris Dodge (J.C.) was another great Patriot I was able to meet for the first time in person thanks to Brock and his PatCon.

The man is a serious Patriot, funny, smart, and in his carriage and demeanor it is obvious that his training courses come from a place of experience and expertise.

In addition, we were gifted to meet his significant other, Whitney.  Like so many of us in NC this weekend, Chris obviously found a woman above his station.  ;)  This woman is smart, quick-witted and undeniably an asset not only to Chris, but to Liberty itself.

Whitney left the PatCon and immediately demonstrated she is more than talk and more than simply the Mason Dixon Vixen - she has started her own blog!  Congratulations to her, and on behalf of the Liberty Movement, thank you.  I have said for a long time that when Patriot Women become involved, this Movement will become unstoppable.

Godspeed, Whitney.

Here is her blog.  Please visit her and welcome her to our community.  I've added her to the blogroll below, as well.

Yours in Liberty,


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