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Saturday, May 31, 2014


This is on the masthead at WRSA, and I have linked it on my sidebar: Get over it – no one (especially God) is going to tell you if and when it is OK to kill tyrants.

It goes without saying that killing tyrants will never be "legal".

When you take a shot at the King, as they say, don't miss.

Sometimes I look at some of the conversations we are having, or people with whom we associate, and I know in my heart some of my fellow Patriots let their guard down, they forget the grave significance of what it is to truly be III.

To be III is to proclaim to the world, and yourself, that you are committed to taking arms when the time comes, and fighting for Liberty.  Not fighting in the courtroom, or with protest signs - of course we can "fight" in those manners.  But to be III is to swear upon your Sacred Honor that you will do physical violence in defense of Liberty, if and when necessary.

Please take this moment and simply reflect on the gravity of that oath you have sworn by calling yourself a III Percent Patriot.  You have sworn to defend Liberty with violence, if you must.

It is sobering to understand that people in my Government consider me to be a domestic terrorist, and what they mean to do to me, at some point.  They are not playing games.  They have people in my life right now, playing roles, pretending alliances, feigning friendship.  I take that seriously.

When I watch some of my fellow Patriots, when I listen to some of their conversations, when I watch who they continue to permit within their sphere, I know some of my fellow Countrymen are merely playing at being a Patriot.  Some are sincere, but their judgment is such they will die when one of their "allies" slips a blade into their neck or puts a bullet in the braincase.  Some I watch with deep respect - for they know who the dangerous provocateurs are, and they play with them like toys.

To be III is to swear upon your Sacred Honor to do violence in defense of Liberty and upon tyranny.

Remind yourself.

Be certain you live it, as well.  In one of those moments when you lapse - you may die.



  1. While killing tyrants may never be legal, neither are the things that he/they do. ROL is gone. Just be careful and keep your mouth shout if you plan something.
    On another note, do you ever read your friggin' e-mails? :)
    Sad to say, but I am in the lone wolf category as I am surrounded by idiots. I can't even get a few folks to prep for fuckin earthquakes as they say the .gov will be there to help them in a 7+ quake. So that is why S/V Loco Gato is docked elsewhere just in case. It is also why I never buy ammo at local stores, not many sales of 7mm mag. There is no doubt that life is going to get frisky in the near future and folks need to have the mental adjustment to do what is necessary, if not, then be part of a support team. It is not fun and games, people die.
    Lynn A. Stokes
    Eastern Pacific Yacht Delivery Service
    Morro Bay,Ca.
    w3 3rdID 1969

    1. Sorry Lynn - I suck at email these days. I promise I read everything, and I ALWAYS mean to make time to reply, but that second part usually fails in a horrible accident.

      You still have no real allies in the AO? Have you touched base with any of the local Militia? They may be a good start - and if you think they are reliable, let me know and we'll add them to the Militia blogroll.

    2. There are no Militias here at all and I have been here for 21 years. However, we do have a local talk radio station and most callers are really fed up. I am in North County of San Luis Obispo but south county, with a larger population is mostly leftist, makes it hard on us up here

    3. I'll keep this info minimal in the open - but you have the capability to put together an entire network of moving people and products over vast areas, to and from very remote ares, with high success rates...think about that, then when you are ready joining "unseen.is" and send me an email so we can talk a bit about specifics - I am Keres@unseen.is - it is a "PRIVATE" email sevice but should NOT EVER be taken for secure comms.


    4. LG, those fed up callers tell you there are plenty around. The vast majority of people don't ever call in. Did you try a local council meeting? They'll be the ones with smoke coming out of their ears.

    5. A few useful OPSEC points....If 2 people use the same email service, it cuts down on the number of copies of plaintext emails that get left as litter / evidence on various relay servers. A mail server will check itself first to see if the recipient is on the same server...otherwise it goes out into the great abyss, leaving copies on each relay it passes through on the way to the recipient.

      Second point - if you are using Unseen, their tools do make it easy to use PGP encryption. They are still working on making key storage more secure, but something is better than nothing and it is a heck of a lot better than leaving an unencrypted trail on a dozen servers between you. If anyone wants help with this on Unseen let me know. PGP of course can be done with other tools and services as well, but it gets more complicated between users of different services.

      And if some alphabet decides to target someone specifically, it won't matter anyway. This is about keeping a low profile, making the haystack bigger and harder to find needles. Don't be the nail sticking up unless you have a reason to be sticking up. Don't make it easy for them. Force them to get warrants, subpoenas, and deal with email providers in privacy-conscious countries who don't give a crap what USFEDGOV wants.

      Remember Culper's SPACE analysis....Signature, Profile, Association, Contrast and Exposure.

  2. To have been a fly on the wall during this party: Detroit police baffled after thieves break into cop cars outside of precinct

  3. Some "information" to be gleaned from this: http://www.kvoa.com/videos/u-s-immigration-officials-dropping-off-hundreds-of-detained-immigrants-at-tucson-greyhound/

  4. Glad to see I'm not the only one! I beginning to wonder what I said or did to offend ...

  5. K needs a secretary that knows him so they can reply to emails for him...

    1. I've asked my beloved wife to do this for me - she said only a fool would take the job, and I didn't marry a fool. ;)

      I swear I read every email, and they all feed my thoughts - but I suck at replying usually.


    2. Or a national organization to share the load ... there are men and women who stand ready to serve when asked, they just haven;t been asked or tasked ... yet.
      There are numerous ways to accomplish the load sharing via new technology, we just have to reach the point where the need is recognized and understood and trustworthy folks are asked to step up and pitch in ...

  6. When I joined the USMC many years ago, I (we) took an oath to defend the Constitution: I took it seriously - deadly seriously. I look at that oath the same today as then - sadly, I look around me (in my small community) and oaths do not seem to carry much weight. Having said that, I stand by what I did so many years ago and will pull the trigger if necessary - it's looking more like that will happen every day .....

  7. I fought government tyranny in the federal government courtroom. I spent years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars I should have never spent. I had a unanimous jury decision IN MY FAVOR ! I had won !! Or so I thought in my then, ignorance of the .gov good ol' boy system. The fed judge, POS Sean McLaughlin THREW OUT the jury decision. His reasoning being the jury didn't understand the lawsuit !!!!!

    From that moment on I've come to hate those we call "government". And I've since learned that 97% of all lawsuits end in favor of the .gov whether local, city, county, state or fedgov.

    The only solution to fixing this country lies in hemp and lead.

    PS. Great essay. I can't agree more.

  8. As a good old boy, from the good old days, maybe we should go back to the good old ways. Shoot the fucking traitors and if anyone complains, shoot
    their ass too. To those looking in on this account,come on over. I may be old
    but I sure as hell am ready.

    1. One of my uncles was of an age (He'd be 80-ish right now) that he knew of firsthand stories told around the hunting campfire from "good ol' boys" who live in the Virginia/West Virginia mountains who still talk about the "Revenuers" who sometimes get lost - forever - in those mountains...

      ...just sayin', Humans have been solving such problems amongst themselves for tens-of-thousands of years before the first Law School ever opened...

  9. Loach: OpSec is for those people who have never been on this blog, never been .mil, never complained about taxes, never praised a real day of work.

    The mere concept that ANY III/Militia asset, even former .mil and .gov asset, has ANY advantage or even chance at parity in ANY Intel matter with online/active .mil/.gov Intel, except for the exceptional Tradecraft artist, is nucking futs.

    Any person currently playing at Spy Games trying to use tacti-cool .mil Intel acronyms and/or buzzwords as if they have any more significance than a fart in a hurricane is what we in the real world call "low-hanging fruit" - when we are being polite. And I can't even begin to get into the folly of using such buzzwords and tacti-cool acronyms as an excuse for serious analysis is just plain, unadulterated stupidity.

    These are not criticisms of you - only of trying to use tacti-cool acronyms and buzzwords instead of experience and common sense.

    Some people try to make all of this seem complicated so they can attempt to justify their existence. Winning RevWarIII will be a simple matter. Losing will be a simple matter. But in no scenario will it hinge on any acronym from Camp Huachuca - in any way, shape or form.

  10. Sam,
    With all due respect, being a techtard and working with Loach in regards to a couple things, his logic is sound. At some point there will be an easy way to describe it for those, forgive me, that are technically challenged.

    In Liberty,

    1. Yeah - that's what I was trying to avoid: It wasn't about Loach at all. It was about the topic - being elaborate when hitting with a brick will do. Loach - it had nothing to do with you, except it was your comments I riffed from. K

    2. K,
      No worries, I get where you're coming from. Simple is good, and I'm all about Hulk Smash if we can get it done that way. I had a truly awesome post (sarc) in draft before you and I-Beam jumped back in, but I think I’ll hold off on it. It needs to be said at some point, but I’ll stick with the topic of bricks for today and hopefully not threadjack more than I have.

      To make it short, we are in a more complex world. What was unheard of before is a brick today. We all need to master new skills that become part of our fundamental tool box as patriots, and online security is one of those things. Using basic encryption should be as fundamental as zeroing your rifle. Understanding that your unencrypted, different provider emails leave an open book of trails on a dozen servers is a risk that everyone can understand.

      As III’s, we are all separated by distance to some degree. That means that we rarely will have the luxury of face 2 face security. We need to account for virtual as well as physical battle spaces, kinetic and non-kinetic actions. If any one of us ignore our digital security, we jeopardize every one of our contacts…every one. It is the digital equivalent of muzzle sweeping your squad.

      Can we beat fully funded Intel orgs? Not toe to toe. But we can do things to minimize our signatures and hide our trails. We can make the haystack bigger and do psyops. They might have infinite funding, but they are finite in number and finite in intelligence. III’s operate in the gaps, not toe to toe.

    3. If your wife and children were to be burned alive if a piece of information from you to me were intercepted by OpFor, is there any digital methodology you would trust to get that intel delivered to me?

  11. K, unfortunately there is no short answer to this. It would be the same as asking a .mil team “Is there any single operational planning and gear load-out you trust to guarantee you can execute the mission successfully?”

    There are too many unknowns. For me to just say “encrypt your email” and we’re good to go”, without more situational context would be bad. Every mission has a risk assessment and a threat matrix.

    If someone is a named target, all bets are off – that’s an AK against an Apache. “Don’t be there” is the only answer. Martial Arts, same thing – Don’t be where the punch is landing. I’ve heard that certain agencies can read the electromagnetic spectrum off your house and figure out what you are typing. Laser microphones can target your window and pick up your conversations. III’s need to work in the gaps.

    Short answer is - don’t trust anything, and there is no such thing as perfect security.

    ** Equally bad however, is to throw up our hands and do nothing. **

    At this point, we all weigh risk vs reward for any action. Every action, whether physical or digital/virtual, is a tradeoff between speed and security. So, encrypt emails? You bet. Do it when you can. If you referred someone to contact you via unseen about a private matter, then that warrants also using PGP encryption. Use chat? Even better if it is encrypted chat. There is no email protocol and header information.

    I think it is safe to say that we all should be doing as much as practically possible. Teams are going to wear plates when there is risk. They make decisions to go Bounding Overwatch instead of Traveling when the situation dictates. In a virtual world, there is similar “risk”, so we should wear digital plates when needed, and train often so we are familiar with our equipment. In the physical world, teams go “outside the wire”, in the virtual world, we go “on the wire”. Not much difference really.

    Similarly, there is no single solution. Just like in the physical world, there are concentric rings of defense, layered security.

    This is a great question you ask, and proves the point. If we wait until things are exciting, we won’t have the practice, knowledge or pre-arranged patterns (keys, one time pads, anonymous email and chat accounts, ham skills with digital transmission, obscure ham bands) to effectively communicate. Move, Shoot, Communicate, Resist.

    So, just to familiarize what might be available, here are choices. I layer several of them every time I am online. Encrypted email, encrypted chat, Tor, VPN’s, Linux versus Windows (TAILS), boot from a USB or CDROM, Virtual Machines, secure browser settings. Darknet choices like Tor hidden sites, Freenet, I2P.

    Most of this is easier than it sounds. We can thank the Activist community (OWS, etc) for trying to develop these measures in a way that is simple for non-techs to use.

    I am working on a guide that will step people through levels. Easy to implement versus more effort / discipline, free versus paid services, that sort of thing. I want to make it easy enough so folks can say “I’m at level 2” and we all know what they mean.

    Just like anything, it won’t be the technology that fails us, but our own personal discipline. Many of the recent famous hackers were caught because they lapsed in personal discipline (OPSEC, sorry, I said it). Humans are a gregarious bunch and we like recognition. That will be exploited if we aren’t careful.

  12. You are trying to answer a question I did not ask. You do so with many qualifiers. If one person incorrectly assumes just one qualifier in your long string of qualifiers, that person, his family and the guy standing next to them are all dead.

    My question was simple: If your wife and children were to be burned alive if a piece of information from you to me were intercepted by OpFor, is there any digital methodology you would trust to get that intel delivered to me?

    It is very simple. You must assume that I am a "Named Person" because of who I am. You MUST, by EVERY MEASURE of real-world (NOT piss-ant Army 101 Acronym school) Personal Security ASSUME that by your previous associations with me, that YOU ARE ALSO A NAMED PERSON.

    So - is there ANY digital methodology you would trust to get me information X - gambling your family on interception - without the resources of USG at your back, WITH the resources of USG devoted to at least one, and probably two, Named Persons?

    1. Heh. To my knowledge, there is only one "digital" methodology that might work ... using my finger to tap Morse code directly onto a body part of yours. Period.

    2. Our shared FedGov misfortune was a teaching moment for you, too, I see. ;) I learned so much about black markets and TRUE OpSec/PerSec during those years than I would have probably ever learned in a career at CIA.

    3. Yes. Being a Named Person makes you re-think everything. That is, if you have the wit to understand you are a Named Person to begin with and just what implies. Sadly, many do not realize the extent we are monitored and actively sourced by the bullyboys at TLA's. Every action a possible reason for a jack-booted visit, every word spoken or written possible fodder for a future indictment.
      Let them come.

  13. Had to test something out, will talk about that in a minute. I sent you a completely untraceable message, details at the end of this comment. I was going to make a much longer post, but I trimmed it down quite a bit, left out technical details.

    III’s are spread all over and 99% of the coming communication / info will not be f2f. So, our choice is to figure out how to harness digital or resign to being isolated LGoP’s. To ignore tech as a weapon is like saying you are going to use your Lee-Enfield instead of an available AR. Tech is a weapon, a force multiplier. It is digital plate armor. Use it, but use it carefully and get trained up before you really need it.

    The initial question was a straw man argument, a nuclear option without parameters. I had to put qualifiers on it because it was unanswerable, sort of Spock’s Kobayashi test.

    Let me approach it differently. It is not about digital versus non-digital, it is about trust, human trust….which I did say in my first answer. Can I trust you to use my information effectively? Is it worth the risk to me? Can I trust you to secure your laptop like I secure mine?

    The question did not specify (again, the straw man) if I would be penalized if someone simply knew I communicated with you or if the content was what got my family killed. That is metadata / traffic analysis versus content. It did not specify whether you knew who I was, or if my task was complete if I successfully got you an anonymous, plausibly deniable message.

    What happens if you know the sender is me? They don’t need to break the tech to get at the content, they just need to break your will with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

    Let me restate my answer. I trust tech that is properly implemented. There is no single tech, there are layered levels of defense. There is no single answer, there are many “digital” ways to get you a message. I do not trust people. They are always the weakest link in the chain, and there is no magic wand you can wave if you haven’t learned and practiced ahead of time, just like anything else.

    I can send you something with complete plausible deniability right now…actually I just did. I can hide a message in full public view on this board, and I did that too.

    I’m going to skip the technical details, but it basically is how I operate every day online. It involves VPN’s, proxies, Tor, cash purchases (laptops, services), and remailers, which is what I was testing today.

    Remailers mix, chain and encrypt emails and strip all header info from the mail. They also have built-in delays to defeat traffic analysis. Activists, oppressed societies and whistleblowers have been using remailers for many years.

    If this were for real, I’d about 6 more encryption and anonymizing steps to this which I won’t go into here.

    =>**** Check your emails, K. I made the “From” equal to your email addresses for a purely academic exercise which I’m sure you approve, so look for something from yourself, subject=weather report. It cannot be traced back to me technically. Check the message header to confirm it is clean.

    There will be some codes in the email…a code to pull a message off this message board discussion and a One Time Pad as an example for future use.

    Decode today’s message and post the message back here if you want for confirmation. Note that it will take some random time for you to get the messages, up to 6 hours. The remailer does this purposely so that it breaks up traffic analysis patterns.

    Now, there is a chance you won’t get the mail. I was testing today and it worked in most instances, but one test email account didn’t seem to work. These things bounce across servers all over the globe, and they occasionally drop messages. There are ways to make it more reliable, but I’m still testing. If for some reason you don’t get the message after 6 hours, it doesn’t mean this is not secure. It only means I need to identify more reliable re-mail servers.

    1. K, did you get any mails yesterday that appeared to be from yourself with the subject = weather report?

    2. Nope - I checked Spam & Trash as well - nothing. Nor did I have sufficient chance to continue our conversation - I'll try to get your latest answered this evening.


  14. Sorry it took so long to respond, I've got a full plate at the moment. ;)

    1) My question was not a strawman - it was simple, concise, and articulate. The simple answer is that most men would never send a message over digital means if the discovery were to lead to the burning alive of their family - because while your end may be tight, you have no way of knowing if my end is tight. To a degree that same concern applies in the analog and personal realms as well. The end point is simple: There is no such thing as perfect digital security, there is only "some stuff" that can be done, while hoping the Bad People don't look there at the moment, to improve the odds of undetected delivery, or delays in deciphering, et cetera.

    2) I did not, and would never, suggest we not use the digital. But so few in FreeFor have your level of skills that trying to play at your level will provide most Patriots the same results as Dan Morgan discussed about keying the mic on a HAM - you'd better be playing a deception game and out of ordnance range in under 300 seconds if you play that game in range of the enemy, because your spot is about to get hot.

    Open and transparent is where FreeFor is safest. The Regime is better at finding our secrets than we are at hiding our secrets. The most complete list of III Patriots and Militiamen in America does not reside on any III Patriot or Militia computer - it resides at DHS.

    You want a Covert Op across 50 states to happen at H-Hour on D-Day, it is silly for FreeFor to try and play the digital comms secret squirrel game, just as it would be silly to try and send Human couriers or snail mail to every combatant in the Op.

    You simply go to a well-established blog and post: We are all leaving the porch at H-Hour on D-Day - go get some. Then you send the same message along your email and phone tree. You could do the same thing on a smaller scale - just say "Habersham" if you want a specific AO. Then you make certain you have at least one guy who will go and prove to everyone else remaining on the porch in the AO that it isn't a loaded diaper. Lead, and men will follow.

    The guys playing the secret squirrel games are the guys who will be caught and the guys who will make us all look like sneaky, over-throwing scoundrels.

    FreeFor MUST remain honest in the eyes of the populace and must NEVER be caught in a lie. If a flash-bang goes off in a baby's crib in East BF County, then we send a Press Release and some social media messages in the open: "In 24 hours it would be unwise to be an Enemy of Liberty remaining in East BF County. End Transmission"

    Then, you follow through.


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