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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How the Bear hunts

Two interesting tidbits regarding Russian activities, posturing and testing our Regime.

LAX air traffic control fried the other day, in such a manner that it required US Air Force techs to get it back up and running.  The speculation: One of those Russian bombers that has been probing our coasts deployed a non-nuclear EMP.  While an interesting and reasonable possibility, I have one concern: If it was not the Russians, then our FedGov is playing a dangerous game.  If it was the Russians, they are not merely poking our Regime or testing defenses for PR points.  Delivering an EMP payload on LAX is unquestionably an act of war.  Russia would not do such a thing unless they were ready for that war...

That should help you sleep tonight, huh?

Second story is over at NCRenegade.  He's got the story that in the same time frame Russia launched two SLBMs that scored hits on their targets inside Russia.  Of course Russia is calling this merely War Games - but what else would they call it?

RevWarIII will be fought at the same time as WWIII.  Even if all the above is merely "games" - someone will mess up, somewhere, on one side or the other, and go too far.  That is the one aspect of Human Nature of which I am certain.

LAX story, here.

NCRenegade, here.



  1. So What? Sounds all good to me. If/when the Russians/Chinese Attack...the first people Patriots need to attack are NOT the Russians/Chinese. The first attacks from the Patriot community are directly on the TRAITORS here in the FUBAR'd USSA.

    The Russians/Chinese will respect that action and most likely will leave "us" alone as they know the TRAITORS are the ones constantly screwing with world affairs and the people of the world.

  2. If this is true, it makes old Puti-Putt sailing into the English Channel with an aircraft carrier and flexing a little in your face military muscle even more notable.

    Russian aircraft carrier sails into English Channel

  3. This article is from July 2000


    Ignoring the star trek sci-fi title, if this was successfully built as described, how much more efficient would any equipment be if built by a country with the resources of Russia? more than enough to do what happened at LAX. So an EMP in the "conventional sense" wouldn't be necessary, any focused beam of electronic energy would have the same effect.

    Granted, this was a version of an EMP, but my comment is to suggest, if that's the correct word, that there are more variations of electronic warfare equipment than are normally considered.


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