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Monday, June 2, 2014

How will you make your AO safe from Enemies of Evil? Coexistence?

The average Jedburgh parachuted behind German lines with two "buddies", a 1911
or Browning Hi-Power, a US M1 carbine, a Fairbairn-Sykes Commando blade, a silk cloth
with 500 brevity codes, a radio, compass, map, and a few tools of the sabotage trade.
Perhaps you should re-consider all the gear you think you need? 
Perhaps you should re-consider your true mission and how to accomplish that mission. 
Just a thought...

I posted the below comment at WRSA in response to CA's post here and the ZH post here.

And this is simply one more reason the "Hearts & Minds" crowd & the "Bear & Dragon will never put boots on CONUS" idiots and so many other Americans are not even worth saving - they drag down the quality of the American Gene Pool worse than the meth addicts and tenured professors.
Anatoliy Golitsyn in 1993 wrote CIA Director Woolsey about the Bear & Dragon soon to play footsie and reveal their decades of "strife" were but part of the ruse:

I strongly suggest reading his February 1993 memorandum to CIA Director James Woolsey starting on page 155:

Behind the mask of diplomatic and political cooperation and partnership with the United State and Europe, the current Russian leaders are following the strategy of their predecessors and working towards a 'New World Order'.

When the right moment comes the mask will be dropped and the Russians with Chinese help will seek to impose their system on the West on their own terms...

- Anatoliy Golitsyn's February 1993 'Memorandum to the CIA', entitled, THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STRATEGIC FACTOR IN ASSESSING DEVELOPMENTS IN RUSSIA AND COMMUNIST CHINA, from The Perestroika Deception (1995)

[K comments at WRSA cont'd] If the scope of your preps is focused on Sheriff Fuck-nut and his side-kick Barney who may be working with a DHS Fusion Team, because they got a spiffy new MRAP, I can't help you. 
Please try to get your head around this simple reality: The day Angleton was shut down is the day it was proven the halls of true power in Washington, the halls of the bureaucrats and their bosses, answer to True Believers of old-school Communism.

I don't care if you don't believe me.  I doubt if you'll even remember my name as they kill you.
And yes, most of the people in America actively want you to die, will passively stand aside and let you die, and the percentage that will help "The Authorities" find you and build a "Legal" case to murder you will surprise even our biggest cynics.

RevWarIII & WWIII are calendared together...


Time is short.  The first shots in anger of WWIII have already been fired in both the Pacific and European Theaters.  The first armed face-off between American Regime Forces and Liberty Forces has already taken place.  The first shots traded in anger are imminent.

Defensive Training Group reinforces one of my more common bits of advice:  If you are not fighting, you should be training.  Here's their link.



  1. Consider for a moment the efficacy and utility of clergy in intel acquisition and as local support. In addition to the most obvious (and traditional to America, stretching back to pre-colonial times, assistance to incipient spy organizations, facilitation of intel gathering and dissemination, operation of "underground railroad" operation of safe houses, etc.) the value of clergy (and any Chaplaincy organization that issues licenses or certifications) become apparent. I'll not go deeper in my thinking and ideas in this open a venue, however, I did want you all to begin thinking and to ask you direct any ideas or comments to me at plemmen55@hushmail.com

    Paul L
    We Are III

  2. As I suspected, there is to be no justice for the toddler flash-banged, severly burned and most likely to die.
    Illegal immigrants are being picked up, allowed to stay, transported (free of charge) by air to Greyhound bus stations and released. Currently, this is still ongoing with no pause in sight.
    A lowly private who intentionally deserted, hung out with the Taliban for five years, releasing statements (before and duing) about his disgust and dislike for America and our military forces is promoted into the NCO corps during his "captivity." Moreover, now the pandering whores of MSM are using this "story" to pretend the dispicable VA healtcare crime is no logner to be reported or that it even exists.
    A full blown hot civil war, formerly know as Ukraine, is now in progress.
    Not surprisingly, Team Bathhouse Barry fully supports the Ukrainian version of Lincoln and his federal forces.
    What more is there?
    More blogging!
    More waiting!
    We need to win hearts and minds to restore our Constitutional Republic.
    Yeah, that's the ticket!
    The cow says moo!

    1. We need to begin aggresively acquiring intel, creating data warehouses of that intel and mining that in real time to begin disseminating it through our covert network. Intel and advisors are the first step, boots on the ground. Do you think the Ukrainians just rose up with at least a loose framework of interconnected groups and sharing of intel? That's the base! comms, op-plans and all tactical planning come next but 1st things 1st. Without a loose framework of basic control or guidance, we are but an unorganized mob, clueless and leaderless. We need to sh!t or get off the pot. Become serious, swallow our individual pride and actually become a team. Step up and do according to your abilities or go away, just a keyboard commando. I'm willing to do what I can, I risk returning to prison to do this, I risk my life to do this. Selah, let it be done unto me as God wills. My single life is of no matter, but the Liberty and existence of my nation is of great importance. The time to step up is now.

    2. That is not the line of thinking in my post.
      My previous comments are my venting of
      rage(with a keyboard).
      Raging at the far too common mindset, that keeps
      pimping and whoring the lie, that the stepping off
      can only begin when a perfect set of conditions exist.
      It is nothing more than self-defeating nonsense.
      As we know, there is no black or white, just countless shades of gray.
      Serious patriots are not as unorganized as you may think.
      As always, I stand ready with my aid-bag and continue to endure long hours of schooling up on healthcare and trauma medicine.
      Again, my previous comment was poisonous venting.

    3. I thought the previous comment did a bang-up job of showing the madness of it all. How much crazier could it be?

      That's the point of "no black or white," you know. It makes it easier for folk to swallow that there's no reality at all. Now there's some true justice...for them there won't be! I know that's not the kind you're looking for, but it works just the same.

    4. Understood and mine was not pointed at you but at the very mindset you identified.
      We are all ultimately lone operators but we also must work together or our liver and efforts will be for nought.
      I am dedicated to the Restoration of our Constitutional Republic, the Revival of the American society and the Renewal of Rightful Liberty. The three R's that are the needful process to our goal. By any means necessary. I am also well enough versed in history and human behavior to know the difficulty achieving these goals and almost utter futility in seeking them. But then, I'm a "Don Quixote" kind of guy.
      Pardon my own venting! We do need each others support in this because even as lone operators, we must hang together or we will hang separately.


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