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Saturday, June 7, 2014

RevWarIII & WWIII Calendared together...

Conquest, War, Famine, Death

I told you if Ukraine went hot (beyond Crimea) it had far greater geopolitical significance if China moved on Senkaku or other South China Sea islands in a timely manner, a telegraph to the Kremlin.

Well, Ukraine is hot and if you know your history you know CA is correct about Novorossiya, and with these two headlines from Drudge "China plans artificial island in disputed Spratlys chain in South China Sea" & REPORT: Navy, air force rapidly expanding size and reach...,

I know that I am now convinced: The Bear and the Dragon have decided it is time to hunt as a Team, in their respective hunting grounds.

Oh, for you "Golitsyn was a plant and Angleton a dupe" folks - sadly, you lose.

We will fight RevWarIII and WWIII at the same time.

For you know it is not only the Bear and Dragon on the hunt.  The Eagle has decided to hunt as well - only she wants to eat her own...

I'm still not certain how I am going to connect all those dots just yet - we need more to evolve and more unknowns to become known.

But I am comfortable with this bit of analysis: You do not have enough of anything - from Tribe to Bullets to Beans.  You and I are doomed to this fight, whether you want it or not.  We are not fighting for ourselves - we are all dead men.  We are to fight for your children and grandchildren.  And all we've got is you and me. 

If you want something more than misery and slavery for the next thousand years of your posterity, may I humbly suggest you work with me and let's Tribe the fuck up.

What is coming will be the most violent period of Human History ever on Earth.

You and I are to be in it.



  1. K, you can count me in as part of your tribe. Saving our country from it's government for the sake of future generations and for God is my destiny. I have made my peace with God and have resigned myself to the fact that we have a barbaric struggle in our near future. It is what it is.

  2. K, you are my chieftain, you say "come" and I shall come, you say "go" and I shall go. I dedicate my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to the cause of Rightful Liberty. I shall endeavor to fulfill your charge as a founding member of the III Chaplain Corps to serve our brothers and sisters in this cause, so help me God.


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